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This article or the information contained in it is old and quite possibly faulty. Sort of like our cruft. Please update.

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Add yourself to bitpi@ if you care about these kinds of things.


We run off of MIT. Come on, you know how to connect.

Alternatively, when in TVL, do as TVLians do. Connect to TVL WIFI (courtesy of the great byronxu). TVL also has an ethernet port if you realllly need it.

Web Presence

We have an Athena locker, thirdwest. Access is controlled by membership of the thirdwest-request list. Currently the locker contains two web sites and a Starcraft install. Unclear why we still have a Starcraft install.

We also have a wiki. You know, the thing you're reading?


We have a VM! (whoa). Poke ixa if you want access to it. Not currently used for anything, but hopefully will have somethign cool in the future.