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  • 3W Computing: Systems and networks.
  • Mailing Lists: Get some interests. List some mails.
  • Board Games: Games played on wooden boards
  • Video Games: Games played with videos
  • We have a wii and a gamecube and a projector and a sound system and the RetroPie! Use them!
  • We also have a lot of books in TVL. Maybe some of them are to your taste?
  • Did you know that people live here? Check out Floor Plan if you want to know our room numbering scheme. (Who has time for incorrect official ones?)


We have a hall Google Calendar (Gcal) where hall events go. If chairs have your gmail, you probably have access. Event will hopefully also be posted on the calendar in KL, and feel free to email floorpi@ to see if anyone wants to join you on an adventure.

Physical & Mental Health Resources

(The exact people are going to be outdated, probably, but the general information should still be correct.)

For physical and mental health resources, MIT Medical has long walk-in hours and 24-hour phone lines. There are also Medlinks, who are student liaisons with MIT Medical who can help you with common illnesses and injuries in addition to guiding students to necessary resources. Medlinks are confidential resources that students can access with the trust that we are not required to report the incident if they choose not to. Floorpi doesn't have any medlinks of its own, but you can reach the EC medlinks at ec-medlinks@, and if you're interested, you can apply to be one — they'll teach you everything you need to know. You can also reach all the EC Medlinks at ec-medlinks@ (also ec-medlinks@, ec-hugs@, ec-drugs@, ec-hugs-and-drugs@, ec-drugs-and-hugs@).

Our GRT(Graduate Residence Tutor) is David Ramsay (dramsay, M306), who is here to help if you have any personal or interpersonal issues you want to talk about, if you want advice about life or MIT, or if you just want to chat and hang out and maybe play some music.

Your floorpi chairs for 2018-2019 are leighken '24 (H313) and yuruniu '24 (H307). Poke them if you have questions about hall, EC, or comments about life.

For off-hall resources, there is EC Student Government (ec-exec@), the EC AD Kat Howell, Heads of House Rob Miller (rcm@) and Sandy Alexandre (alexandy@), or S^3.

Broken Items

If things on hall are broken, you can file a work order here (found by going to atlas.mit.edu and looking for "Service Requests > Create Request"; you might need to find it under "Full Catalog".) This includes issues with communal things (lights broken, stove not working, clogged sink or shower, etc.) or with institute things broken/missing in your room. Remember to cc third-west@ for anything you submit regarding communal areas!

For urgent things (locked out of room after desk hours, sink clogged/backlogged and overflowing), call 617-25FIXIT (i.e. 617-253-4948).

General East Campus/MIT Resources

Given certificates, EC has a [site], [wiki] and [residents list]! Very spooky.

Emails: EC exec (ec-exec@), head of house (echoh@), head of house + area director (echohad@).

If you have problems with computing at MIT or are looking for MIT-licensed software, [IS&T] is the MIT department that handles that. Alternatively, [SIPB] is a computing student group with mailing lists you can email to look for help, and an office on the fifth floor of W20 at which you might be able to find somebody who can help you (but remember they are all volunteers).

MIT Police (617-253-1212)


you have hopefully heard this number at least enough times to remember it already.