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"Mellow." That's what we are, apparently. "MELLOW!!!!!" Someone had better come up with a better adjective for next year.

About Our Hall

Floorpi is the third floor of the west parallel of East Campus. Have fun, don't die on hall, and we will sing memes with you.

Floorpi is a pretty cool place. Compared to some of the other halls, the characteristics that define us aren't quite as... ostentatious. We'll take board games and tea time over power tools and explosions most days of the week. In an attempt to promote our less rambunctious form of awesome, the adjective of choice was "mellow." This was replaced later by "MELLOW!!!!!". This was replaced later by "", because no single adjective can describe us as that would be overly reductive.

We have many different kinds of people who do all kinds of different things. Among the things we do are playing board games (Hanabi, Tichu, Spirit Island, Penguin Jrap, Sleep Sort...), puzzles, tea time, video games, mafia, going on food mobs, eating fruit, running hall feeds, watching movies and TV shows on the projector in the lounge, and math. [Math is dead, we killed it.]


Think about it: floorpi. Hint: ceiling e.

We like pi: digits, murals, jokes, days, etc.

We like pie: sweet pie, savory pie, pizza pie, etc.

Hall Members

(Click on your name to make your page! Change yourself if you're in the wrong place, or if you prefer a different name.)

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Frosh
Albert L.
Ben C.
Giorgi T.
Jacky C.
Jeffery L.
Jiahui D.
Kathryn L.
Leo W.
Mike T.
Sara F.
Shane C.
Stefan D.
Warren W.
Anthony C.
Binwei Y.
Karina L.
Leigh K.
Waly N.
Yuru N.
Ben S.
Daniel L.
Faith B.
Greg P.
Mohamed S.
Ray W.
Shih-Peng H.
Abraham M.
Alvin B.
Axel N.
Hassan A.
Holden H.
Mannendri O.
Marguerite T.
Mena F.

Hall Chairs

GRA (Graduate Resident Advisor)


  • we don't have any

Pleasure Educators



2022: Sebastian R., Daniel L., Kristy C., Ruben T., Tamara M., Wanlin L.

2021: Dani R., Jennifer Y., Julian W., Mark T., Nelson N., Qi Q., Shwetark P., Yannick Y., Yenthanh L., Zachary C.

2020: Daniel G., Ashley K., Daniel W., Jason L., Louisa H., Madison L., Noah M., Rose W., Sanath D., Sanja S., Vivian H.

2019: Aashish W., Allison T., Brian C., Kevin L., Kevin Y., Max M., Stef R., Stephanie C.,

2018: Xinke G., Steven H., Adela Y., Jakob W., Ray W., Rebecca W., Sammy L., Tianlin Z., Victoria X., Ryan A.

2017: Alex O., Everardo R., Joie C., Josh S., Julian D., Kevin C., Kevin Z., Madeleine D., Meghana B., Steven O., Thomas N., Victor W., Willow J.

2016: Aisha W., Anderson W., Dai Y., Evie K., Mitchell L., Patrick Y., Phillip A., Pranam C., Ruben A.

2015: Abby C., Amol A., Jared W., Katie B. , Lauren M., Nathan P., Soohyun P., Trang D.

2014: Anne C., Damien J., Dennis T., Ian O., Jiaoyang H., Josh A., Leon Z., Sonika R., Stephen F., Tim C., Tyler C., Vlad F.

2013: Andy T., Danny S., Helena L., Jason G., Jonathan S., Patricia L., Pavel P., Qian L., Tam N., Theo K.

2012: Danny B., Katherine F., Drew H., Rena K., Melissa K., DD L., Ben Y., Michael R., Rui H., Shimon Z., Sam W., Erik (Michael) O.

2011: Wolfe S., Andrew G., Sean W., Manal H., Bo (Robert) H.

2010: Jenny L., Karim L.-T., Drew D., Rachel M., Apoorva M., Charles T., Kelly S., Sho U., Yufei Z., Drew H.

2009: Melissa T., Samuel E., Mario B., Jessica K., Annie R., Erica Y., Alexandra K., Denise I., Kalin R., Chisoanya I.

2008: Jason K.B., Martha Angela W., Yan Choi L., Darrell C., Bin N., Adam B., Emily K., Julia D.

2007: Greg B., Gabe W-B, Theresa E., Ruth M., Carissa M.

2006: Ross G., Emily P., Lindsey B-M, John-Matt R., Marissa V., Matt ("Wanna go to Verde's?") D.

2005: Abe E-E, Kate C., Tim F.

2004: Shankar M., Andrew M.

Undead: Theo K., Krzysztof Baranowski, Clay V., Knight F., Michael M.P.


Name Year Where are they now?
Diana S. '25 Back to Tetazoo
Juliana A. '25
Ritam N. '25 ET
Kiran M. '25
Max K. '25
Ionel C. '25
Andrea M. '25
Yazan A. '24
Moaaz F. '24
Harman K. '24
Jerry H. '23
Eren S. '23
Alizaye M. '23
Bill W. '25 Next
Akshay G. '25
Fedir Y. '24 41W or 5W probably
Alex B. '24 ET
Kim E. '24 5E
Theo B. '23 4E
Achilleus S. '24 1W
Erick P. '24
Lennie M. '24 Baker?
Omar A. '24
Penny B. '24 Next
Santiago C. '24 4E
Sean C. '24
Zi Song C. '24 ET?
Andy T. '23 ET
Carina H. '23
Emily F. '23 Simmons
Erastus M. '23
Ixa  ???? TB
Cynthia D. '22
Tobit G. '23 Random
Zachary F. '23
David L. '20
Megaol G. '20 ET
Jordan T. '21
Richard G. '22
Gabriel K. '22 pika
Joshua L. '22
Kudzaishe Z. '19
Jerry Y. '20
Byron Xu '21 4E
Jess H. '21
Nate F. '21 Off-campus
Aaron Robles '21 Off-campus
Olga Medrano '20
Hide H. N/A Japan
Bob L. '18 100 Memorial
Jingyi Z. '18 4E
Marjorie B. '18 Ashdown
Farita T. '19 2W
Nicholas P. '19
Albert M. '20 Phi Kappa Sigma
Andrew C. '20 ZBT
Laurel W. '20 4E
Melanie C. '20 Pi Phi
Zoe R. '20 Next
Eric L. '19 San Francisco
Jocelyn L. '18 2E
Elaine L. '17 ET
Alicia W. '18 Student House
Mark S. '17 1W
Justine J. '17 5E
Carissa G. '19  ??
Amanda L. '17 2E
Mitchell G. '18 1E
Phoebe C. '18 Simmons
Deniz O. '16 into the ether ooOOOooo (5W)
Jocelyn W. '18 Yale
Lucy Z. '16 Off Campus
Allie S. '18 2W
Cami R. '16 5e
Carl L. '15 Off Campus
Daniel P. '18 Random
Taylor N. '17 1E
Brandon T. '15 Alpha Delta Phi
Gerrod V. '16
John G. '16 Theta Chi
Alana L. '16 5W
Ian A. '13
Niki C. '14 41W
Keren G. '14 Senior Haus
Molly K. '15 Random
Jennifer W. '14 Beast
Yan L. '12 No one knows!
Katie R. '14 41W
David L. '14 Tau Epsilon Phi
Anne C. '14 Bexley -> Back!
Evan T. '14 Zeta Beta Tau
Tim C. '14 Simmons->MacG->Back!
Jeremy H. '12 ('13) Baker
Victor Y. '13 Alpha Delta Phi
Anthony F.
Thomas S. '13 Zeta Beta Tau
Melissa Piper H. '11 ('13) Random
Alexandre O.
James R.
John B.
Sasha T. '13 ('12) Random
Reuben A. '12 Epsilon Theta
Alex D. '12 Epsilon Theta
Josh B. '11 ('13) 41W
Stephanie B. '11 Burton Conner
Beth S. '11 Random
Arka D. '10 2W
Anna K. '10 2W
Fernando G. '10 Theta Delta Chi
Jacob A. '11
Mattias F. '11 Theta Xi
Sagar I. '11 Tau Epsilon Phi
Sinchan B. '11 Next
Steven J. '11 Tau Epsilon Phi
Courtney H. '10 Random
Evan H. '10 Random
Lisa D. '10 Madrid/pika