Arbitrary Contests of Skill

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The Pipes

The T-game

Mom-versational Sparring

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Putting someone else in their place using only one's words and one's intellect.

The conversations always take this form:

  • Your Mom
  • Your Mom's Face
  • Your Mom's Mom's Face

Blood Orgies

Originally started after the Great Spam War of 2006, blood orgies are one of the most widely accepted means of conflict resolution on hall. Though there are no set rules, the sequence of events that initiate and constitute blood orgies are relatively consistent.

  1. Blood is splattered over the floor of the Munroe Lounge.
  2. As participants become aroused, clothing is removed using EMT scissors. Due to the destruction of the clothes, the participants usually refrain from wearing expensive articles to the orgy, and instead wear items from the Garment District.
  3. Using the blood as both a sexual lubricant and contraceptive the participants partake in hedonistic sex, screaming as if they were riding on a carnival ride, echoing the Munroe Noises.
  4. The first person to have three confirmed orgasms wins.

Wheelchair Jousting