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Brain World Cup is a Japanese quiz show.


One day, Josh showed Floorpi a video of the show, and with its funny tasks (such as the number triangle, map of Africa, and flags containing red) and amazing host, it became a smash hit. Soon after, Floorpi ran its own Brain World Cup: teams were randomly formed, and each team, plus the hosts, contributed a task.

Floorpi also now has a Brain World Comm, for all matters Brain World Cup-related.

Brain World Cup I

The first BWC was held on November 9, 2012. It featured flag-based events and a number triangle with a twist.

Brain World Cup II

The second BWC was held on January 13, 2013. Jon Kabira was scheduled to show up, but his flight was cancelled. It featured a scavenger hunt where teams had to locate where various photos on campus were taken. It also had the now-famous face-merging event.

Brain World Cup III

The third BWC was held on November 5, 2013. It featured a scavenger hunt where teams had to find odd items around MIT (such as "someone wearing a Harvard sweatshirt"). Dinner was served to competitors, and Jon Kabira's flight was cancelled due to volcanic activity.

Brain World Cup IV

The fourth BWC was held on April 21, 2014. It featured a zephyr-based runaround and a treasure hunt in the Stata center. Jon Kabira once again failed to show up.

Brain World Cup V

The fifth BWC was held on January 15, 2015.

Brain World Cup VI

The sixth BWC was held on May 8, 2015.

Brain World Cup VII

The seventh BWC was held on February 13, 2016.

Brain World Cup VIII

The eighth BWC was held on November 19, 2016. It featured a word ladder scavenger hunt.

bran whirled coup ix

the ninth bwc was held on april 28, 2017. this competition included the following:

  • an event where participants attempted to guess items from various categories that they thought that other people would also guess.
  • an event where participants attempted to make original puns on various constrained themes, such as "puns on tropical birds about boroughs of new york" and "puns on prestigious universities outside of the united states pertaining to charles dickens".
  • a scavenger hunt where participants attempted to find things in other things with other things. things ranged in difficulty from a person to three brisk and serious men with efficient mouths and inefficient eyes reading the chart at the foot of the bed, asking impatiently about the pain and seeming irritated when he told them it was exactly the same.
  • an event where participants made up events within a span of ten minutes, and then gave them to other teams.
  • an event where participants attempted to cook something up to the veggie coop's stringent standards.
  • an event where participants attempted to put as many non-overlapping classes into planner as possible.
  • an event where participants took a final exam.

Brain World Cup X

The tenth BWC was held on November 17, 2017. The competition featured:

  • a scavenger hunt where participants find words/phrases in a word-search and have to actually find the said objects, like FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE or SIMMONS DINING.
  • an event where teams participate in events that other teams prepared. One of the events involves gaining as much weight as possible within a short period of time.
  • an event where teams write college essay outlines based on music videos like Gentleman, or 14-line Shakespearean sonnets about subjects like linear algebra.

Brain World Cup XI

The 11th BWC was again held on April 28th, 2018 (totally on purpose).

  • A bidding war scavenger hunt, where participants have to choose which bounties they will go for at the beginning.
  • An event consisting of many little tasks, like typing sentences out on the typewriter, longboarding down Hayden, quick-sorting a pile of various board game cards, etc.
  • An event consisting of taking many small tests, for the truly masochistic. Tests included subjects such as GIR, acronym expansion, floorpi trivia, and how perfectly you can draw a circle freehand.

Brain World Cup XII

The 12th BWC was held on November 2nd, 2018.

Brain World Cup XIII

The 13th BWC was held on 4/20, 2069.

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