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a platforming game where you control a cute (trans) girl named Madeline. the most popular video game among pizens in december 2020

warning: spoilers


  • jump
- defaults to C
  • climb
- defaults to Z
  • dash
- defaults to X

more complicated controls

  • super dash
- jump right after dashing horizontally
  • hyper dash
- jump right after dashing diagonally into the ground
  • wave dash
- same as hyper dash, but you start from midair
  • wall bounce
- jump right after you dash upwards right next to a wall


  1. you climb up a city that's like abandoned
  2. you fall asleep and part of you becomes sentient and tries to kill you
  3. you try to climb through and over a hotel but the owner is kinda weird
  4. wind gets kinda strong, also a ski lift breaks when you're on it giving you a panic attack
  5. you find a strange place full of mirrors and it's kinda creepy
  6. part of you drags you down the mountain and you have to repeatedly punch her in the face
  7. you absorb part of you and climb back up the entire mountain