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A variant of bughouse that you can sometimes find members of hall playing on the floor, tables, or occasionally ceilings.

Other variants include:

  • Crazyhouse
    • Everytime you take your opponents piece, it gets converted to your color and you can place it on an appropriate place on the board by giving up a turn. Also known as Single-player bughouse
  • Mind and hand
    • 4 player game. Each team consists of 2 players, the "mind" and the "hand", both of whom can see the board. On every move, the "mind" must tell the "hand" a piece to move, and the "hand" must move that piece to a legal square. If the piece in question does not have a legal move, then the move is treated as illegal with appropriate penalties, and the game contiunues.
  • King of the hilL
    • Either player can win through the normal rules of chess, or they can win by legally getting their king on the middle 4 squares of the board {d4, d5, e4, e4}.
  • Atomic
    • Everytime a piece is taken, it "explodes" and all the pieces around it are taken off the board
  • 3/4/etc Board bughouse
    • Played like bughouse, except players can only pass to boards directly next to them
  • Go-chess
    • If a piece of the opposite color is completely surrounded, it gets taken.
  • Chess-go
  • If you want to be really adventerous, mix-and-match variants!
    • Go-chess-crazyhouse
    • Mind-and-hand-crazyhouse-king of the hill
    • etc

Grab a board and clock and yell really loudly if you want a game.