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Floorpi has door signs, which are signs with people's names and stuff posted on doors.

Door signs are a single landscape sheet of letter paper, taped roughly on the middle of a door. Sometimes this covers some door murals; in which case the resident is always free to take down their door sign or move it or whatever.

Usually the chairs make it, but honestly anyone can make it as long as they feel like it.

A door sign contains:

  • The person's full name, or at least how they want to be referred, e.g. "Finneas Jawsen". Finneas's full name might be "Finnealopolis Carolyn T. Jawsen", but their listed name should be whatever they want people to call them, in this case, "Finneas". Ask people if you're not sure.
  • Their room number.
  • Their kerberos.
  • Their year of graduation.
  • Their course number, if they have one. You can look this up in the people catalog.
  • A "puzzle" of some sort. Usually this involves coming up with some function that takes the above details from the door sign and returns a word or a number, and the "puzzle" is to figure out what this function is. For example, it could be something like the room number to the fifth power plus the year of graduation to make a number. It could also be the number of search results when looking up their name on Google.
  • A space for the resident to write something. Usually there's a prompt, like "Where I'm from:" or "About me:" or "Things I like:" or "My favorites:" or "Talk to me about:" or "Things to know:" or "I enjoy:" etc.

Put up door signs as soon as you know who's going to be in each room, and email out asking if people are fine with their names on the door signs. Write your info on your door sign so that other people write on their door signs too.

Here's a door sign. The puzzle here is "17273", "2 May 2019", and some MIT class name. I don't know what the puzzles were exactly.