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Finals meals are meals prepared by hall around finals season, where people sign up and then each morning and evening, 2–3 people among those signed up cook breakfast/dinner for everybody else signed up. Some other people clean up after each meal. Basically it's a big co-op. Breakfast cooks also usually deliver wake-up calls to people who request them; it's a great way for people to get ready and get breakfast before a final exam early in the morning.

Hall chairs are in charge of organizing finals meals. Traditionally, they cook and clean for the first meal, dinner on Sunday night before finals week.

Shopping Responsibilities

  • Plan on a block of about 4 hours to purchase goods for all finals meals.
  • Breakfast ingredients are generic and left to the discretion of chairs.
  • Other items on the grocery list come from the people cooking dinner. It can be helpful to compile all of these ingredients into a master list and to consider which locations to purchase items at. Most of the shopping will be done at Costco (remember to acquire the EC card!), but additional trips can be made at Shaw's or Hmart as needed. Coordinate with the GRTs so they can book a zipcar and drive you from location to location. Any substitutions of purchased goods should merit consultation of the cooks using those ingredients.
  • Remember to email hall so that people come and help pick items up from downstairs, and help put them away.
  • It is also useful to have a fridge clean-out before finals week, so there is a single designated fridge and freezer for items. If it is really needed, label and store items in the other fridges as well.
  • You should also notify cooks where their food is (especially if bought a frozen version of the meat, since it will need time to thaw/extra time to prepare).

Previous Finals Meals Breakfast Grocery List

  • 7 dozen eggs (use up to 18 a day)
  • 15 packages bacon (use up to 3 a day)
  • 1 big frozen bag of sausage at Costco (use up to 16 links a day)
  • 3 boxes pancake mix (we still have some leftovers, check there first, 3 is also probs too many) (use up to 1/2 box a day)
  • 4-5 dozen bagels
  • 4 dozen muffins
  • 2 packages cream cheese or 1 large tub from Costco
  • 4 gallons of juice (probs 2 apple, 2 orange)
  • 2 sticks (0.5 lb) butter
  • 2 gallons milk
  • (most likely, but optional) plenty of (veggie) oil
  • additional salt, pepper, and other things as needed

Fall 2016–2017