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If you're looking for information on how our glorious hall is run, here is the best place to find it.

Hall Society

floorpi is the third floor of the west parallel of East Campus. Have fun, don't die on hall, and we will sing memes with you.

floorpi is a pretty cool place. Compared to some of the other halls, the characteristics that define us aren't quite as... ostentatious. We'll take board games and tea time over power tools and explosions most days of the week.

To find out more about the people in our hall, turn to page 2.

Hall Government

floorpi is run by two democratically elected Hall Chairs who are elected late in the spring term for a year. Hall Chairs manage hall finances, help with events, deal with people, and represent our floor at EC gatherings like HouseComm. Feel free to ask them questions on hall government or hall policy.

Smaller tasks are delegated to Hall Comms, who are responsible for carrying out certain duties or for managing a few specific events. These comms are also elected by residents. (Some examples include FruitComm and GameComm)

To find out more about the people who run our hall, turn to page 10.

Hall Axioms

floorpi may be a bit chaotic, but we have just enough rules to keep us in line. It is important that you follow the various rules on kitchen cabinets/cleaning, murals, and more.

Many of these rules are carried out by the Hall Chairs or the different comms in charge of those areas. Policies are subject to change either by government revision or majority vote.

To find out the exact letter of the law, turn to page 79.

Hall Resources

floorpi has items. We even have nice items!

Most of hall budget is allocated through Comms at the beginning of each semester. After comm elections, comms make plans for Nice Things to buy/organize, chairs make sure there's enough money to go around, then hall votes to approve budget, and then comms (hopefully) use the money to get Nice Things for hall throughout the semester (usually but not necessarily for the things that they had originally planned).

Why should I care? Hall budget comes from a dorm tax ($40 per resident), so hopefully you get at least $40-worth of value from being on hall, access to the kitchen/ingredients/tools, socializing and pset-partying on hall (especially because friends are already ~priceless~).

To discover what we have, look for page 42

Hall History

floorpi has been around for a while! For information on past hall government members, hall events, and budget information, eat page 5989230.