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Read up on the rules that we have regarding rooming, kitchen usage, and more. Some rules may not be finalized or official yet, but will be noted as such.

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EC is a very special place. Likewise, floorpi is a special place. In return for several awesome undergrad years, we ask that you use your head and don't overly upset your fellow hall members or get them into unnecessary trouble.


Hall chairs use/update thirdwest@ as the official residents list. This list is used for important emails only, and should be kept private. Don't filter these away, we'll try and keep it low-traffic. Please do not forward things sent to this list without asking and receiving permission from everyone on it! We're a close community, and things we share with each other we might not want shared with the whole world.

More info on other lists can be found at Mailing Lists


  • think before you open your mouth and consider who you are talking to
  • never leave a "paper trail" and know how to keep a secret
    • watch who you are replying to in emails, for the love of god
  • just think of it this way; what happens on floorpi, stays on floorpi
  • If you see something like a neglected stove or oven, or somebody sketchy on hall you don't recognize, email out to hall.
    • Conversely, if you're hosting somebody on hall, please email out to hall in advance, preferably with a picture of them, so we don't think they're a sketchy person.


Floorpi is a community, not just a place to take naps :P In general, we like to talk/play games/pset/discuss life/discuss meta together, and it's always nice to learn something new about our fellow hallmates. Many people on hall have an open-door policy of sorts, where they keep their doors open while in their room to indicate they want people to socialize with them. If/when you want to talk to people even while working in your room, we encourage you to open your door. Of course, you can also hang out in a lounge.

Also, in general, MIT, and EC, can sometimes feel overwhelming (IHTFP is a well-known acronym for a reason). If you're feeling stressed and need someone to talk to/rant at, poke someone! Most pizens are happy to listen and try to help. Even if it's 5 in the morning, you'll often find at least one person awake. Likewise, if you see someone stressed and they need someone to talk to, often times just listening is helpful.

We also have a list of specific people you can poke for help in 3W Resources


We have two lounges: the Kitchen Lounge (KL) and the TV Lounge (TVL). Please keep the lounges clear of personal stuff if you don't want it to get aggressively grunged (=thrown away). The lounges have lots of awesome communal hall things; please return them to where you took them if you don't want it to get grunged.

In the KL we have a Free Food Table (FFT), which contrary to the name does not just have free food, but free anything. Anything left on FFT is up for grabs, and if something is left for too long it'll get grunged.


The kitchen is there for hall usage. All residents are free to use the cabinet/drawer space, appliances, and fridge space provided they follow some simple rules.

  • Wash your own dishes!
  • Label your stuff in the communal fridges.
  • Email out if you break anything.

More info is available at Kitchen Bitches.


EC is known for its creative and sometimes surprising murals. floorpi greatly benefits from murals that are painted in public space such as in the bathrooms or in the hallway.

All residents can have the chance to leave a mark on hall as long as they follow the mural policy.


  • Please consider painting on blank wall before you decide to paint over any murals
  • mural proposals should be emailed to hall and optionally by a posted sign on the space to be painted
    • descriptions of the mural with references, location can also be posted on the wiki
  • sponsor proposing the mural may only start painting 72 hours after the email was sent out
    • any objections or complaints sent before or after the mural has started will be addressed by the hall chairs
      • if you are making an objection, please reply to the sponsor and hall with your objection and the reason behind it

Hall Budget

We get enough money to fund our crazy hijinks and general upkeep. There are a few general expenses that carry over from term to term, however, we are always open to suggestions on how to use our money.

Budget spending is usually determined at the Budget meeting at the beginning of each term. Currently, we elect all comms first, and then a week later, have a separate meeting after comm meebers have them sent in budget proposals. All hall members are welcome to both meetings to voice any concerns or proposed amendments to the budgets, although we encourage hall members to submit proposed spendings to the committee members themselves. Towards the end of the semester, any leftover budget may be shared amongst different comms, given permission of the comm members and hall chairs.

To see what is being done with floorpi's money, look at the Hall Budget. (Not currently updated)


Hall money is not immediately spent on purchases that are made for hall events or by comms. Instead, hall residents must buy using their own money and then receive hall money as a reimbursement.


  • keep all receipts from your purchases
    • for purchases outside of hall coverage (e.g. alcohol), use grocery receipts of equal amount
    • give the receipts to Hall Chairs or related comm
    • pick up check from SAO office in student center, 5th floor
      • if necessary, checks can also be mailed to you
  • do not pay tax on any of your purchases for hall
    • you will not be reimburse by SAFO for tax
    • show cashier MIT tax ID # and forms provided here when buying something

Special Events

Chair Elections Rules

Our hall is run by elected officers who are nominated and voted for by residents. Consider getting involved with hall organization and fun events in the future!

Elections are held through hall meetings and by email votes.

  • 2 Hall Chairs and 2 Rush Chairs are elected at the end of spring term each year
    • chair candidates must be nominated by the Friday before the Sunday meeting
      • residents may nominate others or themselves
      • nominations must be sent to current chairs via email.
      • person nominated must decline or accept.
    • all chair candidates are interviewed by hall members during the meeting
    • votes are then dropped off in an anonymus box to GRT by the following Wednesday
      • If that's not possible, email your vote to the GRT
      • each resident ranks each pair of Hall chair canidates and each pair of rush chair canidates
      • tThe pair who gets the most votes wins and elected chairs are announced by GRT

Comm Elections Rules

  • Comms are elected/chosen/people volunteer at the beginning of each term
    • First, propositions for new comms/deleting old comms/consolidating comms.
    • comm candidates are nominated at the election meeting
      • residents may nominate others or themselves
      • each person nominated must decline or accept at this point
    • candidates will be asked to give a spiel on what they plan to do if elected, then briefly questioned
    • candidates will be sent from room for a brief vote by hands
      • win vote by plurality and winners are effectively on comms immediately

Room Wars

Room Wars is how we determine housing among residents. Room Wars is opt-out, and is typically held at the end of the spring term to choose rooms for the entire next year.

If someone transfers off-hall in the middle of the year i.e. after fall semester, a smaller Room Wars may be held before spring term. This Room Wars is opt-in through email; Others who do not contact the Hall Chairs wanting to participate are assumed to be keeping their current room. However, rooming assignments decided then can be changed again at at the end of the year. In the event that no smaller room wars is held (because all available spaces were filled by transfers onto hall), priority might be given to freshman de-doubling. Any freshman doubling may present their case to the hall chairs, and the hall chairs will serve as the mediators and make the final call as to which pair(s) of freshman may de-double, and who lives in which room.

The freshmen are assigned to roommates/rooms at the beginning of the year via a not-so-secret procedure where all current residents sit down and figure things out.


  • all residents except freshmen are given the option to "squat" or keep their current room
    • "squatting" means you can always decide to keep your room.
      • retroactive squatting, i.e. reclaiming their room after they have chosen another room can trigger a re-doing of part or all of room wars. this is currently allowed for all non-freshman.
    • freshmen must enter Room Wars
    • residents can decide to squat up until the Friday before the Sunday meeting
  • once residents enter Room Wars they are placed in tiers and within tiers ranking is decided by dice roll
    • tiers are determined in order by:
      • Not moving on to hall next semester
      • class year you were upon entering MIT (i.e. frosh with sophomore standing count as frosh, transfers count as the class which they have joined)
      • Staying in a double
      • Dedoubling
      • was already in a single and lived here for more than a semester
      • Moved onto hall this semester
  • those participating in Room Wars should come prepared with several choices of rooms
  • those participating in Room Wars but cannot physically be there may send a delegate with a list of preferred rooms. All choices made by this delegate will be considered final.
  • The punt list of people not squatting will be sent out the Wednesday before the meeting