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Budget Rules

Budget Proposals

  • the proposed budget is compiled by the Hall Chairs who receive proposals from existing comms or individual hall members
  • comms are allowed to propose general amounts for their group's use, a sort of comm "slush" fund
  • individuals may propose rough amounts for one-time purchases
    • most purchases should consist of single items or one-time event funding
    • proposals for items that fall under comm responsibility will be forwarded to the corresponding comm
    • individuals must have links/quotes on prices as well
  • all proposals must be in at least 24 hours before the meeting, though some changes/proposals will be allowed during the meeting itself

Budget Approvals

  • at the budget meeting, the proposed budget is reviewed
    • Hall Chairs will present overall proposed budget and comms or individuals will explain their own proposals
    • discussion of proposed budget will follow with residents asking questions and offering changes to the budget
  • budget is put together to reach total amount given for term
    • slush funds are always budgeted and are intended for emergency use only
  • the rough budget for the term is approved at the meeting by majority vote of those present
  • throughout the term, approval must be granted for big budget/additional spending by comms by scheduling a hall meeting

Budget Records

Past budgets at Hall History.

See the current, but not always current budget here