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Floor Pi is run by two democratically elected Hall Chairs who are elected late in the spring term for a year. Hall Chairs manage hall finances, help with social events, and represent our floor at EC gatherings like HouseComm.

They can often be found wandering the streets of floorpi, or can be reached at anarpism@/floorpi-chairs@

Feel free to ask them questions on hall government or hall policy.

Rough Timeline of Responsibilities



  • Summer isn't technically under your mandate, even if you are living on hall. It just kinda dies over the summer. Usually there's a mailing list (floorpi-summer@ or something) that you might want to update so that people can email out about food mobs and such, but it's honestly up to you how much you want to do.


  • Become a financial signatory; there's a form on Engage to fill out.
  • Do a rush stand-on-table brief intro. (Could be left to rush chairs as well.)
  • Make sure rush happens.
  • Day after rush, as people move in on hall, start introducing yourself, make door signs, etc. See new people.
  • On the day of the EC head of house welcome, which usually happens at 5 PM, send an email the morning-of talking about:
    • A mandatory meeting for new people thirty minutes before the EC welcome, encourage upperclassmen to join to introduce themselves.
    • The EC house team welcome.
    • Food mob for dinner, traditional for upperclassmen to foot bill.
  • Run the intro meeting. Content should be the welcome email (see below.)
  • Send welcome email to frosh, detailing info about hall, wiki, roster, gcal, EC general info, etc.
    • See last year's email for info. This should happen after the first meeting.
    • Announce upcoming meetings (kitchen meeting, fall elections). Have action items (Discord, roster, door sign, wiki). Talk about hall and EC.
  • First weekend after classes start:
    • Fall comm elections. Run the elections and get everyone to their mailing lists. Using blanche to update mailing lists makes this easier.
    • Kitchen cabinet reallocations. The "kitchen meeting".
    • Kitchen safety talk, usually right after cabinet reallocations.
  • Second weekend:
    • Fall budget meeting. Prepare the budget spreadsheet. In the past we had a whole meeting, but since we rarely go overbudget anyway, we've gone with the approach of just asking people to send their budget requests. Might be good to have a meeting though, crucial for people to see each other in hall for the first few days.


  • First weekend after classes start:
    • Spring comm elections
    • Spring kitchen clean-out
  • Second weekend:
    • Spring budget meeting
  • About three-two weeks before Finals week:
    • Spring election nominations
    • Spring Q&A for hall chairs and rush chairs
    • Spring voting in GRT suite, result released a few days/week before finals week
  • Pass ownership of floorpi-chairs@. Pass Engage. Pass roster.

Finals Meals Responsibilities

Because the new hall chairs are elected right before spring finals meals, they are in charge of finals meals in the spring.

  • It is tradition that the hall chairs cook and clean for the first meal, dinner on Sunday night before finals week.
  • It is important that people can see and change what shifts they are signed up to work for, that cooks can see who else is working with them to coordinate recipe(s), and that all wake-up times are clearly posted for breakfast cooks to use.

Items Often Coordinated by Hall Mommies, but can be organized by any member of hall

List of past hall chairs

Year Chairs
2022–2023 Leigh Kennedy '24, Lumia Neyo '24
2021–2022 CJ Quines '23, Kathryn Linz '23
2020–2021 Dani Rodriguez '21, Theo Black '23
2019–2020 Madison Landry '20, Julian Wellman '21
2018–2019 Kevin Li '19, Ixa '21
2017–2018 Brian Chen '19, Jakob Weisblat '18
2016–2017 Stephanie Chin '19, Julian Delerme '18
2015–2016 Aisha "Crazy Mommy" Wang '16, Meghana "Cute Mommy" Bhat '17
2014–2015 Evie Kyritsis '16, Lucy Zhang '16
2013–2014 Carl Lian '15, Trang Dang '15
2012–2013 Abby Caron '15, Damien Jiang '14
2011–2012 Ben Yang '12, Helena Liu '13
2010–2011 Danny Bulmash '12, Melissa Ko '12
2009–2010 Danny Bulmash '12, Melissa Ko '12
2008–2009 Melissa Tanner '09, Kelly Strominger '10
2007–2008 Rachel Meyer '10, Kelly Strominger '10
2006–2007 Mario Bollini '09
 ????–2006 Lost to time

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