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Floorpi loves its events and bureaucracy, if you couldn't tell. We have many hall comms, which are responsible for carrying out certain duties or for managing a few specific events. All the comms can be reached at commcubator@, or email floorpi-[commname]@ if you want to reach an individual comm.

View currently elected comms in Hall Government.

Comms are elected in the fall and spring, see Hall Chair.

Active comms


in charge of ordering supplies for the kitchen when we run low. also in charge of taking action when the state of kitchen gets abnormal.


in charge of organizing a hall-wide retreat. Only applicable for fall semester (maybe?).


in charge of procuring/preparing our weekly/monthly fruit extravaganza, Fruit Bowl to fight scurvy.


in charge of procuring games for hall. Could include board games, video games, any kind of game that can be played, really. In charge of keeping them organized and maintaining List of board games.


in charge of running floorpi Tea time, our some-number-of-days-ly gathering where we discuss life over snacks and tea.


in charge of coordinating Mystery hunt logistics, snacks, room reservations, etc. Also in charge of making floorpi do Puzzles through the year.


in charge of hall parties (whether EC wide or hall only). Sometimes ends up organizing at least 1 EC-wide party, and usually at least one hall party. see PartyComm ?

Less important comms


in charge of celebrating the birthdays of hall.


in charge of running Brain World Cup, a hall-based puzzling event. Duties usually include:

  • Picking a date/time where people can be available
  • Sending out signups
  • General event planning/writing


in charge of clearing out the compost bin.


I don't know, socks?


in charge of increasing bureaucracy.


in charge of maintaining the Google calendar and the physical calendar in KL.


in charge of purchasing nice items for lounges.


in charge of procuring chalk for hall.


in charge of incentivizing people for making murals.


in charge of documenting Floor Pi events.


in charge updating the wiki and running the Wiki Cup. See this thing you're reading right now? Yeah, it didn't initialize itself. However, most article-writing happens on the time of our dedicated hall members.


MusicComm was originally formed in the Fall of 2012 to buy a piano for hall. By January 2013, it had succeeded! MusicComm's current responsibilities include:

  • Maintenance of the piano, including arranging for it to be tuned once or twice a year.
  • Loosely monitoring use of the piano and resolving any disputes related to hall members' use of the piano.
  • Buying and keeping track of hall sheet music.
  • Organizing Open Mic.


in charge of organizing weekly movie nights and buying snacks for them.


in charge of maintaining tech equipment on hall. Consolidated from AVComm, formerly known as TechComm. The proper way to pronounce it is by making air quotes before saying comm, with the air quotes denoting the empty string, which is the name of the comm.


in charge of determining how the Dragon, which mysteriously appeared in Spring 2019, came to be. Also in charge of investigating other hall mysteries, keeping track of cruft and alerting people when cruft is missing, and for dragging meetings on.

Inactive comms

These comms are not currently active. Some of them previously existed but have since been decommissioned; others have been consolidated into other comms; some were proposed but never implemented.

  • OmNomcomm
    • hall feeds
  • PartyComm
    • parties, consolidated into SocComm
  • LoungeComm
    • maintaining lounges and getting nice things for them, somewhat consolidated into GameComm and A/VComm
  • Commcubator
    • Currently used as a consolidated-comm mailing list
  • FacilitiesComm
  • PaintComm
    • turned to MuralComm, it seems
  • FACComm
    • running at least one FAC (Friday Afternoon Club) for EC. Duties include brainstorming FAC theme ideas, determining the date, obtaining appropriate ingredients, and poking other residents of hall to cook/eat food.
  • AVComm
    • consolidated into TechComm, which became Comm
  • JockComm
    • piswole@, floor π based IM teams, and hall fitness activities
  • MattressComm
    • poking people to clean the mattress cover and put the mattress up on Thursdays
  • CruftComm
    • consolidated into DragonComm