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If you are curious to see what are the elected positions on hall and what their respective duties are, take a look below.

Feel free to email people with suggestions or questions regarding their responsibilities.

Hall Chairs

Floor Pi is run by two democratically elected Hall Chairs who are elected late in the spring term for a year. Hall Chairs manage hall finances, help with social events, and represent our floor at EC gatherings like HouseComm. Feel free to ask them questions on hall government or hall policy.

As of 2022–2023: Leigh and Yuru.

Job Description

  • coordinating and running all elections
  • coordinating and running all hall meetings
  • reimbursements for spending and budget management (see RFP)
  • attending HouseComm meetings twice a month
  • coordinating and organizing finals meals (breakfasts cooks/cleaners, dinner cooks/cleaners, wake-up calls, shopping lists)
  • aiding and answering queries from hall denizens about any aspect of hall maintenance, culture, conflict, etc.
  • coordinate kitchen cabinet (re-)allocation
  • coordinating and initiating all rooming discussions, including room wars, transfers, and frosh de-doubling
  • maintenance of Floor π roster & gcal
  • coordinating and leading all hall discussions about culture, etc.
  • can be reached at anarpism@ or wandering about hall :)

Rush Chairs

Rush chairs are elected late in spring term to coordinate next year's hall rush.

As of spring 2022: CJ, Greg

Job Description

    • must be available and on-campus for rush itself, preferably with an early return (at least one rush chair needs to have an early return)
    • rush planning and collecting ideas of how to recruit freshmen
    • organizing rush events and purchasing necessary items
    • managing rush budget
    • coordinating submissions for a hall shirt, to be delivered by rush
    • coordinating and posting hall rush publicity (the page in the booklet and hall rush posters on doors)

Current Comms

As of Fall 2021:

Comm Zommbies
KitchenComm erenshin, leighken, yuchi
FruitComm fbaca, miketan
GameComm kiranmak, syoro, yuruniu
TeaComm gpylypov, leighken
PuzzleComm benshim3, yuruniu
SocComm dansl, yuchi
RetreatComm klinz
BirthdayComm klinz, leighken
BWCComm yuruniu
ChalkComm cnjeri
HistoryComm cjq, kiranmak
TechComm moaaz