Hall Rush 2022

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Rush Chair: gpylypov, cjq

EC REX/Rush theme: pirates


22 rush to print (includes links to signs and booklets)

22 hall rush plan

floorpi rush 2022 signups

Fruit Bowl and Tea Time

we bought fruit and prepared tea. we washed and cut up fruit to serve, and had discussions using the Tea Time prompts. we bought paper bowls and plastic forks. we forced frosh to wash communal mugs after drinking tea with them.

the fruit was well-received. not many people drank the tea. no one took the paper prompts that we cut out.

we bought about $140 worth of stuff: - 5 watermelons - 5 cantaloupes - 5 boxes of strawberries - 5 bags of grapes - 96 plastic forks - 96 paper bowls

we ended with an extreme excess of all the fruit and only ended up using roughly half of the spoons and forks.

Games (but same) and Games (but different)

we led games (but same), which included Penguin Jrap, Snatch, and Find the Missing Card. in practice the relevant games were penguin jrap, find the missing card, and sushi dice i guess.

we led games (but different), which included Castlefall and Sleep Sort. both were pretty popular, and i was personally surprised how quick castlefall is to teach if you do it correctly.

in practice nobody read the instructions taped on the walls, only the ones printed out and on the table. we printed too many copies, only three or so should be enough.

Crosswords and Puzzles

we used the crossword grids left over from last year (there were five) and made two new crosswords. one of them (the one with two PI rebuses for each themer answer) was too hard. the other one was just right. i'd say the easy one took about an hour or so to complete, but most of it was just waiting, and often five or so people would come and finish the whole crossword on their own.

we gave some Logic Puzzles. we printed too many copies again, in practice i think only ten-ish or so of each mattered. we also printed the only connect connection signs and had the sequences in the booklet, those were both somewhat popular. make sure to have pencils ready in advance next year.


people played Smash. or at least we tried to, but we didn't actually have the smash game card. idk what ended up happening.

Other Proposed Events



same stamp system as last year