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Hall feeds are wonderful events that happen every so often, but of course no one would complain if they were to happen more.


In a nutshell, hall members buy (to be reimbursed later) and prepare food for the rest of hall. Past hall feed themes include: the hall FEED (foods eaten by Danny Shi), the hall fead (food items whose names contain a double letter and the string 'ea'), the loin feed (foods for which it is appropriate to append the suffix 'loin'), the home-made sushi hall feed, Fudge Hall Feed, Mooncake Hall Feed, Fall Babies (B-day) hall feed.


Food for hall feeds is reimbursed, up to around $30, by hall chairs. Announcing hall feeds a few hours in advance is often a good idea, and it is customary to e-mail floorpi@ and run down the hall yelling HALLLLL FEEEEEED when the food is ready. Anyone who didn't cook is expected to help a little bit with clean-up.

2016/09/15 Mooncake Hall Feed

Happy Moon Festival!

2016-09-15-mooncake-hall-feed.jpg 2016-09-15-mooncake-hall-feed-people.jpg