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Subsequent templates are arranged in approximate order of seriousness.

You're Doing It Wrong



Your bullshit attempt at writing fails to meet our standards.
It has been wiped and replaced with this eyefuck green panel,
because our corneas bleed less this way. Go retrieve it from
the Talk: page, and don't let it come back until it stops failing.



Your content is good, but your presentation... well, you know that one guy at the office who likes to read jokes directly from websites and pretend it makes him some sort of comic? The one who picks decent jokes, but fucks everything up because he can't get through the punch line without laughing? Your delivery sucks worse than his, so clean up your shit and quit doing it wrong.

Specifically, you're not anywhere close to meeting the standards contained herein, so we've wiped your contribution so that our eyes will stop bleeding. It's been moved to the Talk: page, so you haven't lost any of the material.

To let someone know that they're doing it wrong, tag their article with


Then revert their change and move its effects to the Talk: page for the article they just raped.



This article or the information contained in it is old and quite possibly faulty. Sort of like our cruft. Please update.

Slide rule.jpg

This template indicated an article that is or contains information that is no longer true/relevant. Please update so other people think we actually put effort into maintaining the wiki. If you think something needs to be updated and are too lazy to do it yourself, add {{Obsolete}} to mark it.


MoarCAT.jpg This article or section could benefit from MOAR data.
You can help by sharing your wisdom on the subject,
and by applying peer pressure to other contributors
who might have something useful to say.

This template indicates that others should add to the article. Use it if you have created a page, and you feel that other peoples' contributions to the article are necessary to really flesh out the subject matter.

To let people know that your article needs MOAR, add


to your article.

A related template also indicates that a category has too few elements in it:

There should definitely be MOAR articles
that belong in this category. Go make one
and tag it so we can collect the whole set.

To encourage people to make new pages in the same set, add


to the beginning of the Category page.

You can tag an article as belonging to Category Foo by adding


to the bottom of the article. To link to the category page itself, use


In Mother Russia, Info Boxes You!

name=Sho Uemura|
Sho Uemura
Room H303
Year 2010
Courses Physics, Mathematics

name=Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy|
credits=12 (4 -- 0 -- 8)|
next-offer=Spring 2007|
next-prof=P. Jia|
other=HASS Elective}}

The prereqs, next-offer, next-prof, and other fields are optional.

Official Title Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy
Prerequisite(s) 14.01
Credits 12 (4 -- 0 -- 8)
Next Offering Spring 2007
Next Prof. P. Jia
Other Details HASS Elective


Roflmao.jpg The content of the article below this template may contain roffles,
and is no longer constrained to being Serious Business.

This template only appears on articles starting with a Serious Business template. It indicates that the important information the article wanted to convey has been done with, and more humorous pursuits may commence below. Shit that's actually funny is preferred to outright wankery, but whatever (LOL INTERNET).

To let people know that you're finished with the lulz-incompatible part of your writing, add


after you're finished with the real content.

Caution: Ununseeable



No matter what you try, you cannot unsee something.


You have been warned.


to let people know that they might be in for a paradigm shift in human anatomy.

Don't Think About It


Guess what just happened?