Important Pluralization Poll

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An important pluralization poll, commonly shortened to IPP, is exactly what it sounds like. Pizens like asking IPPs because they're amusing.

We can distinguish this from an important Pizen poll, or an IπP, which is just a general poll.

List of IPPs

Add future IPPs in the form word: choice, choice, choice.

  • nutter butter: nutters butters, nutters butter, better nutters, nutter's butter, nutser butter, nuttest butter, anuther butter
  • asparagus: asparagodes, asquadruplagus
  • universe: univers, polyverse
  • chicken: chickens, kitchen, chicksen
  • mitochondrion: mithreechondria
  • needles: noodles, needless
  • tempo: tempi, BPMs, BsPM, BPH
  • prefrosh: prefrosh, prefroshes, prefroshi, prefroshlings, presfrosh, frosh