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Kitchen Bitches are responsible for kitchen cleanliness and yelling at residents to contribute to kitchen cleanliness.

Rules (in brief)

If you use the kitchen in any way, you must make sure you clean up after yourself and leave all space/appliances/utensils in good condition. Wash your dishes, clean appliances, and run the garbage disposal after you cook.

All food in the hall fridges must be labeled with your name and the date, and thrown out when it is expired.

If your dish isn't where you left it, check the hall cabinets/hooks/bins, then ask us. If you get an e-mail about a kitchen or drying rack purge, get your stuff out of the way.


"Dishes" as used below means basically anything that commonly ends up in the drying racks: plates, can openers, mugs, pots, lids, forks, baking sheets, knives, cutting boards, moka pots, etc. Appliances don't count, but their bowls, lids, and blades do.

Kitchen storage areas are:

  • Hall cabinets (labeled with "H" or a more descriptive label)
  • Hooks above the kitchen table
  • Bin between the fridges
  • Space under the "spice table" on the east side
  • Knife block

Things left on top of the cabinets or fridges get greasy and disgusting. We won't put things there; don't expect us to clean things that get put there.

Keeping the Kitchen Clean

Purges will be announced 24 hours in advance - a specific time will not necessarily be given. If you can't get your stuff out of the way of a purge, e-mail floorpi-kitchen. Don't do this every time we announce a purge. If your stuff gets purged, ask us for it in person.

Kitchen purges: All dishes in the kitchen but not in a cabinet or storage area will be cleaned and purged.

Drying rack purges: All dishes in drying racks will be either put away in storage areas or purged (if it's unclean or we think it's been there for more than a few days).

Kitchen cleanouts: The cleaning ladies often clean the kitchen by moving dirty dishes into the sinks. Obviously this will be unannounced.

Drying rack pots: If there are dry pots or pans in the drying racks, anyone can hang them on the hooks. They take up significant space.

Drying rack knives: Knives in the drying racks are unsafe. Anyone can dry such a knife with the towel hanging next to one of the sinks and move it to the knife block or the utensils cabinet.

Keeping the Storage Clear

If you take a dish out of the storage areas and it's not yours, you're responsible for cleaning it, drying it and putting it back where it came from. If you don't, it's going to get purged; if people do this often enough, no more hall dishes. If this happens, we'll hoard the purged dishes and only release them for hall feeds.

We expect you to claim your own stuff out of the storage areas. If it's been at least a week since the last drying rack purge, we'll purge the storage areas (unannounced) of anything we don't think belongs there. Again, ask us if you think your stuff got purged.


  • Tupperware and textured plastic dishes (hard to clean)
  • Cups, mugs, dishes that stack poorly (take up excessive space)
  • Cheap table knives (we have more of those than hall residents)
  • Rice cooker pots/lids (put them in your rice cooker or something)
  • Anything else we don't want to clean or store

Fridge Rules

All food in the hall fridges must be labeled with your name and the date, and thrown out when it is expired.

  • All unlabeled food is free for hall consumption
  • Food that was bought for a hall feed or is specifically for hall use will be labeled "Hall" and dated
  • Food that is clearly expired will be thrown out regardless for the sake of hall health

Keeping Us Happy

We're not doing this to be nice, and we frankly don't care what you think of it. Our objective is to keep the kitchen usably clean in a way that minimizes work and stress primarily for us, and secondarily for the rest of you. If you don't like the way we do this, you should have volunteered to be a kitchen bitch. If you have suggestions, e-mail floorpi-kitchen and we'll either implement them or ignore you.