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Mafia is a name applied to a family of hidden traitor games traditionally centered on the idea of a small informed minority racing to kill off a large uninformed majority. The traditional conception of mafia, often called "regular mafia," "tabletop mafia," or "the party game 'mafia,'" is a party game played by a group of people sitting in the same physical space, often with a moderator to run through actions and keep track of secret information.

In regular mafia, players are secretly assigned alignments, either by dealing out cards or by the whims of a moderator: either mafia, who know each other; or townspeople, who know only the number of mafia amongst them. In the game's night phase, the mafia covertly 'murder' a townsperson. During the day phase, all of the surviving players debate the identities of the mafia and vote to lynch a suspect. Play continues until all of the mafia have been eliminated, or until the mafia outnumber the townspeople. Often, some or all of the townspeople, and sometimes the mafia, have special roles, which allow them to do extra actions or trigger game events. For example, the inspector or investigator is a role that checks if another player is mafia; the doctor is a role that prevents a player from getting killed for one night; and the pig is a role that can only say the word "oink." Typically, a game of mafia with n players starts with around Sqrt(n) Mafiosi.

Hall should always play MOAR mafia.


Many variants of mafia have been developed. These, as well as other hidden traitor games with similar themes or mechanics (such as One Night Ultimate Werewolf, The Resistance, or Secret Hitler), are often designed to involve more strategy or logic than regular mafia, or else to solve some other problem (for example, there being only two players, or no moderator).


A live-action variant of mafia was developed at MIT and spread to hall in Fall 2014. The core idea is that kills (and some other game actions) happen in real time and real space, as people are going about their daily lives, while discussion can happen both in person and through electronic means. The making of kills in real space means that town can use real alibi and witness information to eliminate suspects, and so the mafia have to plan their kills such that they have good excuses to look innocent and are not seen by anyone they do not prep.

In most games of Live-Action Mafia, every townsperson (sometimes every player) has a special role. Some games are mystery games, in which the full set of rules is not publicly known, and part of the game involves figuring out just what the game is.

As of Fall 2017, hall has contributed a steady stream of players to Live Action Mafia, games of which are now being run through an official ASA club, aptly named Live Action Mafia. Some hall members (cough cough Sammy cough cough Jakob - Fall 2017 note) are more obsessed with the game than is perhaps healthy.

This game provides an exception to the "Don't die on hall" rule. The following is a list of Live-Action Mafia deaths that have happened on hall:

Name Game Killer
Ixa Fall 2019 Game 1 emmaw under the watchful eye of cjq
Ixa Totem Twister Mafia ksedlar
Ixa Spring 2019 Game 1 ksedlar
Julian Wellman Spring 2019 Game 1 Ixa
Sammy Luo Fall 2017 Halloween Game Boof (Elizabeth Truchan)
Max Murin Fall 2017 Game 2 Josh Brunner (with antihelp from notNP Ixa)
Jason Lam Fall 2017 Game 1 Katie Sedlar
Yannick Yao Fall 2017 Game 1 Julian Wellman
Max Murin Spring 2017 Game 1 Franchi Majluf (with help from NP Sammy Luo)
Ashley Kim IAP 2017 Kevin Li (hitman)
Jakob Weisblat (via body double Kevin Li) Spring 2016 Game 2 Jackie Bredenberg
Jakob Weisblat (via body double Kevin Li) Spring 2016 Game 1 Taylor Sims
Max Murin Spring 2016 Mystery Game Katie Mathison
Amanda Liu Fall 2015 Low Time Commitment Game Pravina Samaratunga (via Sniper Rifle)
Sammy Luo Fall 2015 Mystery Game Lisa Zahray
Amanda Liu (first death, via body double Justine Jang) Fall 2015 Mystery Game Lisa Zahray
Lane Gunderman Summer 2015 Game 3 Sammy Luo (after resignation)
Jakob Weisblat IAP 2015 Ama Koranteng

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A mafia variant where the whole game lasts just one night. Each player is randomly assigned a role, and a phone app moderates the night phase. Then the players try to figure out what happened in the night and who to lynch as a result, at which point the game ends. Consists largely of roles that interact with and move around other roles in confusing ways.

Choose Your Own Role Mafia

Invented by Jakob W. and Sammy L. in Fall 2014. Original documentation can be found at [1].

Exactly what it sounds like. Can somehow be played with only two people.

An alternative version, Choose The Person to Your Left's Role Mafia, was developed and analyzed by Sammy L., Mitchell L., Kevin L., and Max M. in Fall 2015. This one is even crazier than the last.

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