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A number of hall members of play Mario Kart on a semi-regular basis. We have Double Dash in the Kitchen Lounge and MK Wii in the Sects Lounge. Here is a list of the active players:

  • Nathan Pinsker
    • Considered the best player of either game. Known on the street as the Roger Federer of Mario Kart, for his pure artistry and the apparent ease with which he plays the game.
  • Mikerik
  • Vlad Firoiu
  • Amol Aggarwal.
    • Plays only Double Dash.
  • Carl Lian.
    • Feel free to express your admiration at the incredible skill and sheer brilliance of Carl Lian, honed through countless hours of practice and sheer determination. One day, this man will surely stand on top of the MKDD world, as he once did for SSBM
  • Josh Alman
  • Leon Zhou
  • Andy Tsao