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Minecraft is a great sandbox game that many people on hall play.

We used to run a hall server, floorpi, that was kept alive and updated by the great Pavel. Griefing, however, may result in a ban.

how to play

  1. punch a tree
  2. craft a crafting table
  3. craft a pickaxe
  4. mine stone and craft a stone pickaxe
  5. mine and smelt iron
  6. mine diamonds and go to the nether
  7. kill blazes and acquire ender pearls
  8. craft eyes of ender and go to the stronghold
  9. fill in the end portal
  10. kill the ender dragon

how not to play

  • dig straight down
  • hug those green things that appear in your world at night
  • mine diamonds with a stone pickaxe or worse
  • mine obsidian without a diamond pickaxe
  • build horizontally with gravel
  • build with gravel at all
  • feed a parrot a cookie
  • kill iron golems or villagers in a way that doesn't involve them burning to death
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