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Mystery Hunt is a huge puzzle hunt held every IAP around MLK day at MIT.

It's a magical time of year, where hall ceremoniously gathers to eat, not-sleep, and solve puzzles forever!


✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈

The 2015 team had the same name as the 2013 team because we couldn't come up with any better names. This team was probably even bigger than the 2014 team because we had lots of alumni and friends come, along with some more unattached hunters. This year was notable for being the first time that we actually finished the hunt (8th) and got to go on a runaround, which was pretty awesome. This might have also been the first time where the unicode characters in our name actually messed with the people running the hunt.

Other notable events this year include Anders spending 8 hours or something on the 10000 Puzzle Pyramid and was close to finishing when it got backsolved, as well as some people making an excellent public service announcement for the Captain Planet puzzle which is still taped up in the TVL. Also probably lots of other stuff which I can't remember right now, so you guys should edit this page.

The 2016 through 2019 teams have all had the same name. In 2017, 2018, and 2019, we finished the hunt and placed 4th, 5th, and 5th respectively. In 2020, we won the hunt, earning the right to write the 2021 hunt.

[a base-64 character encoding of]

The 2014 team was [a base-64 character encoding of] because everyone was obsessed with the doge meme. Unfortunately, this name was extremely unpractical for basically every purpose, so we informally called ourselves "Galactic Dogesetters". This was by far the biggest floorpi team in recent memory: some reasons for this include 1) Manic Sages broke up so some of them joined us, 2) Palindrome deserters were guilt-tripped into coming back, and 3) We got other unaffiliated people, like the remains of Silly Hat Brigade and some unattached hunters. Also for this year, some alums coded up a google spreadsheets system so we could be more organized, and it actually worked pretty well.

✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈

The 2013 team pronounced as "vwooosh Galactic Trendsetters neeoooowh." Danny Ocean liked our name. The name originated with a 6-person team which won MIT's Palantir Hunt, but none of them actually hunted with us :(. It was also used later throughout the year for other puzzle type activities. There were many examples of galactic trendsetting. For example, sleeping, sleeping with laptops on lap, sitting in chairs, etc. And this year, we definitely gave up inviting 5W, but got two people to come down and hunt with us.

Strong name contenders for the year include The Floor is Pi, What is Wub?, Floorpi Cruft & Co., We Don't Even Live Here, and How Rude. Other contenders included: Peperony and Chease, p0ozles, We survived the Queen of Rude, Wingdings., MELLOW, My Dad's Not A Phone, I Know What We're Going To Do Today, I Want To Be The Very Guy, and others...

There were many deserters to Palindrome and, well, Manic Sages won the year before, so there were continued deserters.

Occupy Leisure Station

The 2012 team. There was the occupy movement. And Floorpi discovered the joys of Leisure Station. We finally gave up inviting 5W to join. Instead, we ordered bubble tea. That's all the company we need.

Desert Catbus

The 2011 team. Desert Bus + Catbus. 5W may have been invited again ... no one knows.

Low Latent Inhibition

The 2010 team. We invited 5W to join us. Did anyone come?