One Night Ultimate Werewolf

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A mafia variant published by Bezier Games where the whole game lasts just one night. Each player is randomly assigned a role, and a phone app moderates the night phase. Then the players try to figure out what happened in the night and who to lynch as a result, at which point the game ends. Consists largely of roles that interact with and move around other roles in confusing ways.


One Night Ultimate Vampire

One Night Ultimate Vampire introduces a new team of villains, the vampires, and a new mechanic, the system of marks. Each player has a mark in addition to a role, which may have effects ranging from turning them into a werewolf to making anyone who votes to lynch them lose. One Night Ultimate Vampire may be played as a stand-alone game, or have its cards combined together with those of One Night Ultimate Werewolf to create one big confusing mess to be logicked out.