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We on Floorpi really like doing puzzles. We participate in lots of puzzle hunts, including Mystery Hunt, Palantir, CBC, Dash, BAPHL, and PANDA Magazine. Many on hall also enjoy playing trivia games (Sporcle, Quiz Bowl) and doing logic puzzles (US Puzzle Championship, Nikoli, Logic Masters India, Professor Layton).

floorpi-puzzle, created in 2013, is the primary mailing list used to announce and discuss puzzles.

Galactic Puzzle Hunt

The inaugural Galactic Puzzle Hunt, a vaguely Australian-style puzzle hunt written by the generalized floorpi Mystery Hunt team ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈, occurred on March 14, 2017! A total of 282 teams solved at least one puzzle, 27 teams solved the final metapuzzle, 19 teams solved all the puzzles, and 4 teams solved all the puzzles with no hints within 24 hours of the puzzles' release times. The puzzles are still available online and we hope you enjoy them.

The second Galactic Puzzle Hunt occurred starting March 16, 2018! A staggering 447 teams solved at least one puzzle, 45 teams completed the hunt, 28 teams solved all puzzles, and 5 teams completed the hunt within 3 days (before hints were released).

The third Galactic Puzzle Hunt occurred starting March 15, 2019! 505 teams solved at least one puzzle, 30 teams completed the hunt, and 18 teams solved all puzzles.

GPH was not run in 2020 because Galactic was writing the 2021 Mystery Hunt.

The fourth Galactic Puzzle Hunt occurred starting July 23, 2021! 623 teams solved at least one puzzle, 76 teams completed the hunt, and 72 teams solved all puzzles.

Mystery Hunt

Floorpi has competed in the MIT Mystery Hunt during IAP for many years, often joined by alumni and friends of hall. Historically, our team size has usually been somewhere in the 20–40 range, but today team sizes reach 60–80 and include increasingly generalized pizens. Hunting used to take place in the lounges and residents' rooms, but nowadays is based in an MIT classroom. Past hall teams were named "✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈" (2013), "Occupy Leisure Station" (2012), and "Desert Catbus" (2011).

The Floorpi team has been called ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ by maximum-majority voting for 2015, 2016, and 2017. It was also called that in 2018; I don't even remember if we voted. It is also called that in 2019 by sketchy range voting. In 2020, we didn't even vote.

In case it is not clear, "Galactic Trendsetters" is the name of a pretty good card in the board game Race for the Galaxy (a world that costs 5, gives 3 VP, and consumes one arbitrary resource in stage IV for +2 VP), which has since appeared in various other board games.

In the past there were a fairly significant number of Mathcampers on hall, and they often hunted with Manic Sages, who won in 2012 and wrote the 2013 hunt. In 2013, a number of hall members also hunted with Palindrome, placing 2nd.


  • 2022: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ lost finished the hunt and placed 5th
  • 2021: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ wrote the hunt
  • 2020: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ won and will write the 2021 hunt
  • 2019: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ did not finish the hunt but placed 5th
  • 2018: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ finished the hunt and placed 5th
  • 2017: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ finished the hunt and placed 4th
  • 2016: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ did not finish the hunt, but seems to have placed in the top 10?
  • 2015: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ finished the hunt and placed 8th
  • 2014: Galactic Dogesetters: did not finish the hunt, but seems to have solved the 8th most puzzles
  • 2013: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ (appearing as "wub" on the scoreboard, which was our Hunt website username; it was second place on our "name the Mystery Hunt team" poll) placed 16th of 44 teams. We were joined by the Stanford University Mathematical Organization for the 2013 hunt.
  • 2012: Occupy Leisure Station placed 17th of 33 teams.
  • 2011: Desert Catbus placed 32nd of 41 teams.


The Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League is a runaround-style hunt in Boston.


  • BAPHL 19 (10/6/2018): I think Floorpi had three or four teams. ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ finished 9th; the others didn't finish I guess?
  • BAPHL 16 (10/8/2017): Floorpi had at least one and a half teams. I think we placed pretty well but the site still hasn't updated.
  • BAPHL 11 (11/1/2014) was like written by pizens or something.
  • BAPHL 8 (10/26/2013): ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ placed 1st of 22 teams in the Competitive division.
  • BAPHL 7 (4/27/2013): ♘♘♘ Galactic Trendsetters ♘♘♘ placed 8th of 29 teams in the hard division.
  • BAPHL 6 (9/15/2012): Guitar Heroes placed 9th of 32 teams in the hard division.
  • BAPHL 5 (4/21/2012): For the Galaxy placed 8th of 19 teams in the hard divison.
  • BAPHL 4 (8/13/2011): Saddening Goat placed 1st in the normal division.


Different Area, Same Hunt is a runaround-style hunt held simultaneously in a number of locations across the US, including Boston.


  • DASH 5 (5/18/2013): ۞۞۞ Galactic Imperium ۞۞۞ and ✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ placed 8th and 15th overall (3rd and 4th in Boston), respectively, of 295 teams (27 in Boston) in the hard division.

Australian Puzzle Hunts

There are a surprisingly large number of Australian-run online puzzle hunts, including ΣUMS (Sydney University Mathematics Society), MUMS (Melbourne University Math and Statistics Society), and CISRA (Canon Information Research Systems Australia) (which has, as of 2016, turned into mezzacotta puzzle competition.


ΣUMS Puzzle Hunt

  • 2016: [pi] placed 2nd of the 164 teams who solved at least one puzzle, and was also the first to solve the metapuzzle, apparently earning a name drop in the epilogue (PDF):
We call ourselves [pi], the pioneers of tomorrow.
  • 2015: [pi] placed 7th of the 166 teams who solved at least one puzzle.
  • 2014: [pi] placed 19th of the 149 teams who solved at least one puzzle.
  • 2013: [pi] placed 8th of the 132 teams who solved at least one puzzle.
  • 2012: [pi] placed 15th of the 142 teams who solved at least one puzzle.

MUMS Puzzle Hunt

  • 2016: ⌊π⌋ placed 2nd of 220 teams, but received 3rd prize due to not being able to get the treasure from Australia at the location clued by the meta.
  • 2015: [pi] placed 13th of 166 teams.
  • 2014: [pi] placed 11th of 192 teams.
  • 2013: [pi] placed 2nd of 138 teams, but received 3rd prize due to not being able to fly to Australia to solve the runaround.

CISRA Puzzle Competition

  • 2013: [pi] placed 1st of the 211 teams who completed at least one puzzle.

mezzacotta puzzle competition

  • 2016: U+2708U+2708U+2708[pi]U+2708U+2708U+2708 placed 2nd of the 231 teams who completed at least one puzzle, and won the Second Prize, a copy of Hanabi (except since hall already had a copy, we asked for and received a copy of Sushi Go! instead).

College Puzzle Hunts

These are often run by recruiters at tech companies.

Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge

The Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge is an event held simultaneously at multiple Microsoft campuses near colleges. We compete at the Cambridge site.

  • 2013: Galactic Trendsetters placed 2nd of 278 teams.
  • 2017, 2018: A team of floorpi alumns placed first in the country.

Palantir Puzzle Hunt

The Palantir Puzzle Hunt is an event held at multiple college campuses. The MIT hunt to attracts both MIT and Harvard teams.

  • 2017: Floor Pi 2, Floor Pi B, and Floor Pi Beta placed 1st, 4th, and 13th, respectively, of 65 teams.
  • 2016: Floorpi Z and Floorpi Y placed 4th and 19th, respectively, of 65 teams.
  • 2015: Floor Pi 1, Floor Pi Alpha, and Floor Pi A placed 2nd, 6th, and 11th, respectively, of 58 teams.
  • 2013: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈, God's Dice, and 3.0000000000000000 placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively, of 57 teams. ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ also placed 1st overall among all sites. Of these, the first and third teams were composed completely of Floorpi residents and former residents, while the second team was a Floorpi half-team joined with another half-team.

Palantir puzz galtrend.jpg

  • 2012: ✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ and Foxes?! placed 1st and 7th, respectively, of 27 teams.

US Puzzle Championship

The US Puzzle Championship "is an annual online competition sanctioned by the World Puzzle Federation." It is used to select the US team for the World Puzzle Championship. It features logic puzzles only, unlike puzzle hunt-style puzzles.

Floorpi Results

Only includes results after a resident started school at MIT and prior to 2014.



Other Hunts

For posterity's sake I guess we should record hunts we join as pi.

We joined My Little Pony: Puzzles Are Magic in February 2020 and ranked 16th.

We joined Puzzle Potluck 3 in June 2020 and ranked 7th.

We joined Smogon Puzzle Hunt 3 in July 2020 and ranked 13th.

Three teams joined the DP Puzzle Hunt in September 2020: pros and cons[pi]racy photographs, inconsπcuous, and picoseconds.

We joined Matt & Emma's Birthday Bash in October 2020 and ranked 7th.

We joined Inexact Puzzlehunt in January 2021 and ranked 48th.

We joined Princeton Puzzle Hunt in March 2021 and ranked 2nd.

We joined Inaudible Hunt in April 2021 and ranked 3rd.

We joined Huntinality in May 2021 and ranked 6th.

We joined Puzzle Potluck 4 in July 2021 and ranked 16th.

We joined QoDE in September 2021 and ranked 39th.

We joined teammate hunt 2021 in October 2021 and ranked 63rd.

We joined Silph in December 2021 and ranked 12th.

We joined Puzzle Rojak in December 2021 and ranked 13th.

We joined Quantum Online Puzzle Hunt in April 2022 and ranked 8th.