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An RFP is how you get paid after making a purchase for hall.

How to get reimbursed

  • One-time: Make sure you're set up for direct deposit. Set up direct deposit at https://atlas.mit.edu > About Me tab on the top menu > Direct Deposit Preferences link on the left menu > Expense Reimbursement section. If you’ve had a UROP, work-study job, or have gotten paid by MIT, this should already be done. But be aware that you need to set up BOTH Payroll and Expense Reimbursement, even if you’re sending the money to the same bank account.
  • Buy the things. If the cost is too expensive for anyone to front, ask the chair about using the MIT procurement credit card or alternative payment options.
  • Get a receipt. Receipts must:
    • contain date of transaction.
    • be itemized; if not, write your own itemization.
    • have proof of purchase, like "paid in cash", digits of your credit card, check number, paid with Paypal, etc. If any of your receipts do not have a proof of purchase, you must provide your own. A credit card statement or a bank account statement, with the corresponding expenses circled or highlighted, is sufficient. You can redact sensitive information if you'd like.
  • Create the RFP. Go to Request a Reimbursement for Me on Atlas. Add a name. For each receipt, fill a line item:
    • Date of Service: date on receipt
    • G/L: blank
    • Cost Object: 2720779
    • Amount: do not include tax
    • Explanation: what it was used for (don't just list the items purchased)
Press Save and Continue. Upload the receipts. Press "Send to". Search for the hall chair responsible for RFPs (type their last name, not their kerberos). Then send.


What if you bought things from Haymarket and don't have a receipt? Write your own receipt:

  • Include name of event, date, and location of purchase.
  • Make sure the receipt is itemized, and include total.
  • Write name of person who purchased, and "paid in cash".
  • Get signature of hall chair.
  • Submit receipt as above.

How to process RFPs

  • Check the attached receipts. Is the amount correct, and does it exclude tax?
  • Check the cost object. Is it correct?
  • Send the RFP to "Mary Mango".
  • Enter the RFP in the budget spreadsheet for the semester.

You are not allowed to process your own RFPs; forward it to the other hall chair and ask them to process it.