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These restaurants are notable to floor members for one reason or another. For the most part, these are places we approve of, but check the article first before just grabbing a name and putting it in Google Maps. We've provided directions already, and it's entirely possible that the place you're considering is on the wiki for the sole purpose of warning you away from it. This article is mostly out of date except where stated otherwise.


Asian and Indian

  • Q: Hot pot place. Good for smaller groups of people.
  • Eti Sushi Bar: very expensive, but very good, sushi. Better for small groups, or you'll want a reservation. Be prepared to spend $40 per person.
  • Mary Chung: Cheap Chinese food in Central Sq, some items of which are very delicious. Don't go here if you have food allergies.
  • Rangzen: Tibetan food in Central. Lots of veggie options.
  • Punjabi Dhaba: In Inman Sq, one of the best places to get Indian food in Cambridge, second only to Tamarind Bay in Harvard, which is expensive.
  • India Quality: It's in Kenmore, but it delivers, unlike Punjabi Dhaba.
  • Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center: all vegetarian food (it's Buddhist, heh), but fairly cheap and nice if you just want a plate of Chinese food between here and Harvard square. There's no real menu, so go if you like surprises. (Temporarily closed)
  • Le's: pho in Harvard square, vegetarian friendly and pretty filling.
  • Fish Market: also in Allston/Brighton area, pretty good sushi. Not cheap, but then again, when is good sushi cheap? I won't believe you if you tell me this exists.
  • Super 88 Food Court: cheap and lots of choices from thai to dim sum to pho to other Asian varieties. Really nice to retreat to when you want a cheap/vegetarian-friendly meal.

Italian and Pizza

  • Bertucci's: pizza and Italian food. Can be expensive.
  • Emma's Pizza: Great place for thin crust pizza in Kendall. No delivery.
  • Pinocchio's Pizza: small, "home-y" pizza place in Harvard square, tasty crust and worth a try. I think it's open absurdly late, so go here instead of IHOP. Or just, never go to IHOP because it sucks.
  • Piattini Wine Cafe: more pricey (what you would expect from a Newbury St. establishment) and good for dates, has some awesome ravioli. I didn't try the wine, but hey, maybe it's good.
  • Za: some pretty… bizarre pizza choices near Kendall square. Some are delicious, though strange. And yes, they serve a macaroni and cheese pizza. Go there for a carb overload and some self-loathing. It is good, I will admit it.
  • All-Star Pizza Bar: the brother of Ass Bar. Good pizza, but far enough from campus that we don't usually go.

Breakfast and Brunch

  • IHOP: IHOP. In Harvard Square. Frequent destination of late-night food mobs.
  • Veggie Galaxy: vegetarian/vegan diner food, awesome omelets and "comfort food." What is vegan vs. vegetarian can be confusing, so ask if you care. Sister restaurant is Veggie Planet in Harvard Square, which is also good, but has only pizza.
  • Cafe Luna: nice brunch place, excellent brioche french toast (think s'mores style or stuffed with nutella). Good for dates, recommend reservations on weekends.

Burgers and Sandwiches

  • Flour Bakery and Cafe: tasty sandwiches, pastries, quiche, etc. close to the student center. Crowded during the lunch hour, but if you want the most delicious vegan chocolate cupcake ever, go here. Even if you're not vegan, you want it, trust me.
  • Four Burgers: does… four burgers. A weird rotating special burger like bison or some shit, but the french fries, veggie burger, and milkshakes are delicious.
  • Roast Beast: This place serves the best roast beef sandwiches you will ever eat. Far away but worth the trip. There is also a Mixx nearby.

Mexican, Hispanic, South American, etc.

  • Beantown Taqueria: Near Shaws, Mexican food open until 4am some nights. "Make it a plate" for free with student ID.
  • Olecito: small joint that does tacos, tortas, etc. I recommend the battered shrimp taco, sooo good. Don't expect a nice sit-down experience.
  • Muqueca: more upscale Brazillian place in Inman square, does amazing rice and seafood dishes (think lots of tomato and coconut milk and spices). Does some really interesting juice drinks, I recommend the mango nana.
  • Border Cafe: texmex and cajun/southern food combined. It's a pretty popular (read: loud) restaurant. Go here for a good drink (wooo sangria) or if you want some cheesy/greasy goodness.


  • Mike's Pastries: In North End: inexpensive cream puffs, canolis, etc. Try the chocolate covered cream puff or the strawberry lobstertail.
  • Tosci's: ice cream place with homemade creative flavors, my favorite is hazelnut (nocciato)
  • BerryLine: delicious fro-yo in Harvard square. Not really outside of the standard fro-yo place mould, but I think the froyo here tastes near the best of them all.

Food Trucks as of Spring 2018

  • Sate/Momogoose: Located just outside Stata, sells asian food inside cardboard or soup inside plastic. Very fast service, accepts card. Costs around $7.50, open until 2 or so.
  • Jose's: Located next to Walker Memorial, sells Mexican food, typically Burritos. Comes with rice and beans. Usually cash only, around $7. Can leave as early as 1pm sometimes.
  • Chinese Food Truck: Also known as the CFT. Located next to tech square and open for lunch until 2 or so. Costs around $6, cash only.

Closest Places as of Spring 2018

  • Rebecca's Cafe Also called the Pritchett Cafe. Second floor Walker Memorial, right next to the rainbow lounge, only open some days. Very convenient but slightly small portions. Would be better if it got more business though. Has some board games you can play while eating I guess.
  • Legal Sea Food Sit-down restaurant in Kendall, have not heard of people actually going here. Has a take-out "legal fish bowl" right next door where you can get overpriced ($15?) seafood in a bowl. Also have not heard of people doing that.
  • Clover "Experimental" vegetarian food in Kendall, range of prices. Lots of people love it. Also exists in Central Square, where it's open 24/7 apparently.
  • Bailey and Sage Sandwich place right behind Clover. Very good sandwiches, ~$10.
  • Chipotle A chicken burrito now costs $8.03. Next to the T stop in Kendall Square.
  • Saloniki Greek food, just a little bit down Mass Ave. Free fries for students if you ask.
  • Oath Pizza Completely customizable pizzas for $11. Good deal if you go with a group. Also has a really good dessert pizza. Next to Saloniki.


  • Evoo: Expensive, but great place for an important occasion like a big date or family buying you dinner. Conveniently in Kendall, all local food sources.
  • Life Alive: Hippie vegan food in Central. Lots of garlic.
  • Helmand: expensive, but extremely delicious Afghani food. Reservations recommended. Go here to impress a date or get your parents to take you (instead of Legal Sea Foods which is frequently overrated), the baked pumpkin is amazing.
  • Baraka Cafe: a little expensive, north African restaurant in central. Their lemonade and mint tea were great. cash only.


  • Mulan: pretty decent Chinese/Taiwanese food if you are like me and feel Chinese-food-starved from time to time, some awesome tofu dishes. My Asian father approved so it must be passable.
  • Leisure Station: Bubble tea and smoothies, as well as Mexican food. Within walking distance of hall, but we also often make massive delivery orders.