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Rush is that wonderful time of year when we introduce new frosh to MIT, EC, and Floorpi. We also hunt for new frosh blood (which is only slightly less scary as selling your soul to the institvte. but if you're looking at this page, your probably already so(u)ld).

Rush generally refers to both MIT REX and EC Hall Rush, and you may hear these terms used interchangably.

See Category:Rush for past rush pages. There should be one made for every year.

If you're rush chair, congratulations! Your job is to:

  • Set up a rush meeting to plan events.
  • Get people to run these events. This is super important.
  • Make signs to put up during rush.
  • Prepare our page for the rush booklet. Letter page size, double-sided.
  • Make the speech in the big rush meeting (or find someone who will).
  • After rush, make the rush page for the year, including any notes that'll be helpful for future rush chairs.