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This game was developed due to there being a plethora of other board games that involve taking resources and land. In this cooperative game, players control supernatural spirits to defend the island from invaders. We have a spreadsheet of Spirit Island games that we've played.


This game is essentially reverse colonialism; we want to get rid of the white things on the board.
How thoroughly we want to get rid of them depends on the "terror level", which slowly goes up by generating Fear and earning Fear Cards.
As the terror level increases, we only have to destroy the largest white things on the board.

We also need to do this before

  1. A spirit is completely destroyed
  2. The invaders make enough moves to run out the Invader Deck
  3. The Blight Card runs out of Blight

Game mechanics

Each turn is split into 5 major phases:

Spirit Phase

Each Spirit makes a Growth action, gains Energy, and chooses what Power Cards to play in the rest of the turn.

Fast Powers

Here, each Spirit plays the Fast Powers that they chose in the Spirit Phase.

Invader Phase

If playing with Events, resolve an Event Card.

If your Blight Card tells you to do something, do it now.

Resolve each of the Fear Cards earned after the last time Fear Cards were resolved.

Invaders Ravage, then Build, then Explore.

Advance each invader card to the next slot to the left.

Slow Powers

Each Spirit plays the Slow Powers that they chose in the Spirit Phase.

Time Passes

Damaged pieces are restored to full health, and cards played this turn go to each spirit's discard pile.

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