Starcraft II

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The sequel to the legendary Starcraft: Brood War greatly enhanced the map editor, allowing for amazing new custom maps such as Nexus Wars and Rage Tower Defense. At one point, the custom map Colonial Line Wars was very popular, but recent patches have diminished its quality; Josh, Tim, and Damien's top 8 Battlecode team was named for this map. Another map, Entropy TD, was a huge hit on hall, and served as inspiration for Pathery. There are no longer any active players on hall, though you may see hall members watching streams or VODs of professional Starcraft II, especially now that professional Brood War is all but dead.

The most popular (English) forum for Starcraft and Starcraft II discussion is teamliquid.

Vlad (and a few others, sporadically) are working on an epic tug-of-war Pokémon-themed map. Let him know if you're interested in helping!