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Floorpi has story time, and not-story time, and some of the stories deserve to be remembered <3

There Was A Rabbit Prince

A long time ago, there was a rabbit prince who liked to play frisbee and bought them everyday but also lost two. Unfortunately, no one would play with him except a frog who lived ten miles away. One day, he went to the frog's house and killed him because he was insane. The frog's family was not unprepared for this and they helped because they were insane. All of the neighboring frogs knew them as the insane family. The rabbit had not realized that he could kill more frogs until he killed the first. Two foxes saw the whole thing because they were chasing the rabbit to return his frisbees. But they started eating dead frogs because they were insane. They grew out of their insanity, and tried to see if the live frogs would play frisbee. They did, and never died until they starved. "We love cannibalism," they thought. Then they all ate each other, because they were insane again. One animal remained, but it was an owl that hatched from a frisbee. Which frisbee did it hatch from?