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Super Smash Bros. Melee is the most popular video game on Third West, and as of 2012, Third West is the widely-accepted central hub of Melee at MIT.


Pre-Fall 2010

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Leon Zhou visited Third West for the first time in Fall 2010, and things were never the same.

  • November 2010: The Gamecube setup moves from the TV lounge to the kitchen lounge.
  • December 2010: is started.


  • Early fall: Leon and Vlad attempt to start the MIT Smash Bros. Club for the first time. They fail.
  • September: Leon and Jon make the first of many club field trips, going to Mass Madness 27.
  • Thanksgiving break: The first MIT Smashfest is held in Talbot, drawing participants from as far away as MacGregor and Random.
  • Fall/Spring 2012 (?): Two TVs are brought back from Reuse and placed in the kitchen lounge.


  • IAP: Everybody plays way too much.
  • Spring: Leon and Anand try to start the Smash Club again. They fail again, because the ASA is all-knowing and well-reasoned.
  • February 4: The club hosts an MIT-only tournament in Talbot, drawing participants from as far away as Next.
  • April 7: The club hosts Massachusetts Institute of Tech Skill in Talbot, which draws a number players from the local community, including former US champ KoreanDJ, and has a total prize pool of over $300.


  • Spring: MIT, led by Floorpi (along with ZBT and MacGregor), wins the first annual Melee Games, run by MattDotZeb.


Here is a list of long-graduated players on hall and their mains. In some cases, the listed main(s) are ones that the player would use in tournament, their best characters. In others, they're the characters the player enjoys playing:

There are also people who formerly played on hall, and have since stopped (usually because they've left):