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the wiki is just dead forever Cjq (talk) 23:01, 30 March 2021 (EDT)

The main page is still un-editable. BRIAN! But really we should read what Isha said below. -- Julian, 6/15/18
Mainpage is now editable! I have no idea how to format it tho, if someone disagrees with me pls help -- ixa 06/21/18

Things that would be cool to have:

  • Hall Anarchy/3W Resources --> I've updated with all the relevant things I remember, but people should read it and figure out if I'm missing somehting important
  • People actually putting at least 1 relevant thing on their wiki page.
  • Update resturants. (Come on, it doesn't have Sate or Rebeccas's :*() [mostly done, --Julian]
    • Also I want to food mob next year to some of these places if they still exist
  • Wtf is Category:Places for and why is it in main contents. [Not anymore --ixa 06/21/18]]
  • Actually, rework the contents sidebar so that it's only useful/updated pages? (i.e, maybe remove/update some categories?) [--done by ixa 06/21/18, mostly]
  • MOAR PICTURES pictures are cute and fun and great
  • A list of books in tvl?
  • Rules/Conventions for board games in each of the pages (see Hanabi or Castlefall)
  • I feel like the who-said-it could use a better archive/history (i.e, more quotes on the page). If I can figure out how to get a script running, I will
  • MORE MEMES why do we not have millions of memes we've certainly experienced enough on hall
  • Update Hall History? I can only do things with the past 2 sem, if people want to add more stuff they know that would be great.
  • Template for Indiv. Board/Video game pages.
  • Games made by pizens
  • A page for the weird mix-and-match games we make (Choose your own role mafia, choose your own pile nim, choose your own alignment-and-card coup, etc..) [--initialized category, people should add their games -ixa 06/21/18]]
  • Pages for people interests: oragami, puzzles, rhythm games, etc. They'd be cool to have, I think?
  • If you can think of less boring titles/good puns for anything, you should put that it in. You can move articles to pages with a new title :P (See Hall Admin/Hall Anarchy)
  • Wow, the TVL article could use some more stuff too
  • More info for cool comm ideas/responsiblities/descriptions at Hall Comms
  • Past floorpi tshirt designs (including proposed and chosen designs)
  • Choose-you-own wiki adventure

I'll update this with more ideas as I get them, and try to do some myself if I have the time?? Also pls discuss more ideas :)

--ixa, 06/08/18

the main page is protected but it needs to be brought up-to-date more... the below is all old too. --Julian, 25 Oct 2017

Noted Requests:

  • Template for Restaurant info, especially location and basic cuisine type
  • Template Infobox for Courses Accepted and completed
  • Holy crap this is outdated. Could we get automatic categories for userpages with respect to major, like we currently have for year?

Aisha's thoughts:

  • Need to update video games + create articles, link to main page
  • Need to update non-video games + create articles, link to main page
  • Need to update restaurants currently mobbing to, link to main page
  • Need to flesh out individual user profiles, esp. past classes and other useful tidbits?
  • Need to create a page for weekly movie night, link to main page
  • Need to update movies and TV shoes watched, link to main page
  • Other stuff??


  • How about a gossip page? For all the juiciest gossip, the more outrageous, the better. Like Caltech's Gossiptron.

Mmtanner 02:02, 18 November 2007 (EST)