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Team Fortress 2 is a long-awaited FPS (first-person shooter), sequel to Team Fortress Classic. Its predecessor was the originator of multiclass FPS systems such as those in Enemy Territory/Battlefield/WarRock, and the new version pulls this off extremely well (i.e. with balance!).

PalGN has this to say about TF2, in relation to ET/Battlefield in a review:'s heartening to see the people who started it all reclaim the crown and haul the genre away from the hard-as-nails military dead end it was heading down. If the Battlefield 2 vibe is one of spending time in a dark room with sullen grunts silently sharpening their bayonets, Team Fortress 2 is like being swarmed by an over-excited litter of Labrador puppies, with explosives.

The explosives are the important component.

You should go get it, because it is now free!!!