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Abby Caron
Room H307
Year 2015
Course Biology


I like to do things. Mostly silly things but also other less silly things. If you are being asocial and reading this you should come talk to me instead. :) I am a pokemon, half of Mollabby, and Floor. I am not a robot. I have negative kidneys. Oh I'm also a hall chair and hallrush chair. So I am to be pantsful.

Things that I do

  • Bake cookies
  • Draw pokemons
  • Flop on surfaces
  • Read books
  • Build forts
  • Have adventures
  • Talk about nothing
  • LARP / roleplay
  • Squaredance
  • Eat copious amounts of candy
  • Fail at sleeps

Things that I want

  • More adventures!!
  • Less ghosts
  • More board games
  • Less bored
  • More awesome frosh
  • To convince hall that I am not a robot
  • To go around the world in a bakery-blimp!