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Anderson Wang
Room H305
Year 2016
Course Mathematics

Hi. I'm Anderson Wang. I'm probably most known for having curly hair despite being Chinese. My door is usually open, so feel free to talk with me about puzzles, math, or anything.


  • Fall 2012: 18.701, 7.012, 8.012, 24.900
  • IAP 2013: Battlecode (with Mitchell, Patrick, and Phillip on team OWN GOAL?!, we somehow got 5th place), iOS game dev competition (with Nathan who did all the work)
  • Spring 2013: 18.702, 18.312, 6.046, 8.02, 21M.302
  • Fall 2013: 18.315, 6.854, 5.111, 21L.004


I do an unhealthy amount of puzzles. Here are some links.
Logic puzzles:

  • Nikoli has tons of high quality puzzles, available for like 5 bucks a month.
  • Logic Masters India hosts monthly puzzle contests. Lots of high quality puzzles, and also free!
  • The US Puzzle Championship is a yearly contest used to choose the US team at the WPC (World Puzzle Championship), and it'll be June 15 this year. In 2012 I was part of the unofficial B team at the WPC, which was pretty cool.
  • some puzzle blogs that I like
  • I also have my own blog, but it's not very active. Maybe I'll make more puzzles this summer semester though!

Puzzle hunts (everyone on hall should do these, they're a lot of fun!):

  • The MIT Mystery Hunt is the biggest and craziest event each year. Usually there's a hall team, although in 2013 I defected to Palindrome because I've been solving with them since high school.
  • DASH and BAPHL are some (usually) biannual events where you run around Boston and do puzzles. These are always a lot of fun.
  • The MUMS puzzle hunt, CISRA puzzle hunt, and SUMS puzzle hunt are three online hunts that happen yearly. Floorpi won the 2013 CISRA hunt!


I like playing various games on hall, including but not limited to

  • DDR/In the Groove: the only game on this list that I'm any good at
  • Mark of the Ninja
  • Melee: I mainly play shiek and pikachu, and am pretty terrible at both of them.
  • Team Fortress 2
  • The Resistance: I've been resistance like 12 times and spy once.
  • Pathery
  • Tales of Symphonia: played through the game with Mitchell and Nathan. Colette is an idiot.
  • Majora's Mask: currently playing through with Mitchell
  • osu!
  • random board games like Galaxy Trucker

Other things I do

  • I'm a problem czar for the 2014 HMMT February
  • I'm a member of the quiz bowl team, and as such, know a lot of silly/useless trivia
  • I play piano sometimes, mostly video game music and Rachmaninoff
  • I waste a lot of time and procrastinate way too much

Other things I like

  • sing-alongs (things I particularly like: dr. horrible's sing-along blog, jonathan coulton, rent and other broadway musicals)
  • ultimate
  • avatar: the last airbender
  • the sporcle app on google hangouts
  • the phrase "surprise of the century"
  • the phrase "ROWS DECODE"
  • eventually I'll come up with more things to add to this list