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Katie Biegel
Room M312
Year 2015
Course Nuclear Science and Engineering

Hello how does this work

Hi, I'm Katie. I live in M312, and I try to remember to keep my door open when I'm around. :)

About me

I'm Course 22 and I will talk at you forever about it if you let me. Possibly to distract myself from the impending slough of life decisions to be made/jobs and grad schools to be applied to. I am not a real adult! Ask me about cranes sometime!

I like games! Some of my favorites are Borderlands/2 and Settlers of Catan. I also dabble in TF2, SSBM, Civ 4 and 5, and some other board games. I like learning new games, too, so come pester me if you ever want to play something.


Fall 2014: 2.02A, 2.03, 21F.054J, 21F.308, 22.033, 22.THT, 15.665??????

Life goals

1. Not be homeless

2. ????