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Courtney D Hilliard
Room H313
Year 2010
Courses Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Who Am I?

I am:     Courtney Drew Hilliard aka Drew to friends aka Courtney to professors
You can call me: Aurora Firestorm (internets), Aurora (internets), Alcor (Assassin's Guild, MIT)
E-mail: alcor [at] mit [dot] edu
Real-time Contact: darkarchetype (Gmail), AuroraFirestorm (AIM), ninefourone-fourzeroeight-fiveonezeroseven (cell)
If you really need me NOW and I'm not in class, look here: W303 (Evan Hefner's room), 24-6 (ESG)

What do I do at MIT?

I'm in this class:     2010
And this primary major: 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), specifically 6-1 (Electrical Engineering)
Here's my secondary: 9 (Brain and Cognitive Sciences)
For this career purpose: Cybernetics (specifically, brain-machine interfaces for high-tech prosthetics and augmented biology)
I've taken these classes: 3.091 6.001 7.013 8.02T 21W.759 18.02 18.03 24.09 6.002 6.041 21F.064 9.01
And am now in these classes:

Non-Starcraft Game Data

RPG series: .hack//GU, Xenosaga, .hack//Infection(Mutation, Outbreak, Quarantine), Lunar II: Eternal Blue, Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
FPSs: Halo 1 and 2; Metroid Prime 1, 2, and 3; System Shock 2;
Strategy games: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Impossible Creatures, Homeworld, Homeworld: Cataclysm, Homeworld II, Supreme Commander, Civ3
...What the crap? Portal, Katamari Damacy, We <3 Katamari

Starcraft Game Data

On Race: Zerg
Off Race: Protoss
Do Not Play: Terran
Skilled Zerg Strategies: Mutalisk Evolutions (Muta/Dev/Guard, heavy micro), Hydralurk, Zerg Rush
Unskilled Zerg Strategies: Cracklings, Lurker Drops, Mutaling
Unskilled Protoss Strategies: Reaver Drops, Zealot Rush
Unskilled Terran Strategies: Tank Drop, Marmeds