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Guess what just happened?


Personal Data

Full Name:     Charles Tam
E-mail: charlest [at] mit [dot] edu

Lifestyle Data

Online?:     Yes.
Current Waking Hours:     7 AM -- 10 PM
Punt/Tool? Punt, after determining that last-minute inspiration is required for Tool
Last Patrolled Pages: August 27, 2009 : 214913
Inventory: Portable Whiteboard, 2L Bottle of Diet Coke, The Internet

MIT Data

Class:     2010
Course: 18 (Theoretical Mathematics)
Classes Taken: 3.091, 5.03, 5.12, 6.001, 6.034, 6.050, 7.013, 8.01, 8.02, 14.01, 14.04, 14.12, 18.03, 18.100B, 18.152, 18.312,
18.410 (6.046, pre-reform), 18.511, 18.701, 18.702, 18.704, 18.821, 18.901, 21W.735, 24.900, CMS.608

Gamer Data

Race:     Garm Brood
Profession: Elementalist/Mesmer, Assassin/Elementalist, Dervish/Mesmer, Necromancer/Ranger
Class: In order of preference, Demoman, Spy, Engineer, Sniper, Scout, Pyro, Medic, Soldier, Heavy
Character: Link/Falco/Marth/C. Falcon/Pikachu/Shiek/Peach/Samus/Ganondorf/Charade Random
MMOs: Atlantica Online, Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine, Requiem: Bloodymare, Guild Wars, Anarchy Online, any Iron Realms (usually Achaea), Neverwinter Nights
RPGs: FF6, FF7, Baldur's Gate (I & II & Expansions), Dark Messiah, Oblivion
FPSs: Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source
Fighting Games: Smash, Smash Melee, Smash Brawl, Soul Calibur II
Mindfuck: Portal

Current Projects

Rush 2009 Playlist, Rush 2009 Phrases