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Daniel S Bulmash
Room W313
Year 2012
Course Undeclared

Class: 2012

Course: 8/18

Classes Taken: 8.022 7.012 18.700 21M.301 18.100B 2.00B 6.01 3.091

Currently Taking: (expecting to take) 8.03 8.033 18.701 18.950 21M.302

Extracurriculars: MITWE, Quiz Bowl, MTG Pit Orchestra

I'm a hall chair! Ask me things! Give me reciepts!

Deep Wood makes me slightly sad. Nobody ever comes down there. (Glad I'm out!) Though I must say, the prophecy has half-failed. Yay, I'm not a recluse!

Oh, and I fail miserably at formatting wikis.

Also, too lazy to update this. Not updated since Fall 2009, except for this line and major.