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Dennis Tseng
Room W309
Year 2014
Course Mathematics

6/7: Goodbye floorpi, I'll miss you. Thanks for letting me stay for a year.

12/10/15: I still have access to my account after 1.5 years! I am a first year graduate student in pure math at Harvard after doing part III of the Tripos at Cambridge. I'd like to visit more often, though half of the people left, and it makes me feel old.

Hello, I just moved in my senior year, and now I'm about to leave, so I might as well leave my digital imprint before graduation. I have no idea how edit these pages, but, looking at Damien's page, it seems like the only special characters I should know about are equal signs and astericks.

About me

I am a pure math major, who has previously lived at Simmons (1 year) and MacGregor (2 years). If I fill out my paperwork correctly, I'm going to graduate school soon. Otherwise, I'm going to be a hobo. My room is a dump, so I have practice for either occupation.

"Interests" other than math

I have recently bombed an interview question for Jane Street when the interviewer (who I suspect was Sandor Lehoczky) asked me this question. Truth is, while I frequently derp around without being productive, I don't actively try to improve in random other stuff while derping. Playing games should be fun, and being competitive feels lke work.

I have played a bit of chess in the past, and I wish there were more chances for lower level players to play pick up frisbee. As a member of floorpi, I also learned about smash. I played in MITSO for a semester, and now my expensive viola hasn't been touched in years.

Comics/manga I read + shows I watch

Pears Before Swine, Dilbert, Foxtrot, Phd Comics, Bleach, Naruto

Big Bang theory, pokemon

Music I listen to

Mainly just a bunch of youtube artists. I knew of Christina Grimme long before Misha, I mean Caesar, liked her, but I still pretend otherwise to see his reaction.

Music I play

I have no musical talent whatsoever.


My birthday is on 4/20


At Simmons and MacGregor, there was plenty of time to hole myself in my room and tool. I actually don't remember much of those days. As mentioned above, I'm a pure math major. This is not because I look down upon the more applied fields. Actually, I wish I were good at useful stuff and had earnings potential, but doing math feels less like work than coding or building things, and is easier for me to pick up.

Classes taken

  • Freshman
    • Fall: 18.S34 (problem solving seminar), 3.986 (intro to archeology), 18.701, 8.03, 8.033, MITSO
    • IAP: Intro to Python, caffeinated 6.001
    • Spring: 14.01, 6.006, 18.100C, 18.312, 18.433, 18.702
  • Sophomore
    • Fall: 14.02, 6.004, 18.101, 18.112, 18.125, 18.705
    • IAP: German I (the hardest class)
    • Spring: 21M.011 (Intro to Western music...the second hardest class), 6.046J, 18.901, 18.952, 18.175, 18.785

Starting here, I started taking Chinese, which is harder for me than most people.

  • Junior:
    • Fall: 21F.107, 18.404, 18.155, 18.725, 18.905
    • IAP: Battlecode with Ben Bond. Team bAd placed top 6 by just grabbing suppliers and spamming soldiers in waves.
    • Spring: 21F.108, 18.906, 18.966, 18.786, UROP with Mark Behrens (learning basics of elliptic curves and modular forms in preparation for summer)
  • Senior:
    • Fall: 21F.109, 6.854, 18.176 (Stochastic processes), 18.965, 14.12
    • IAP: Battlecode with Jiaoyang Huang, Lucy Yu, and Min Zhang. Team jalmad placed top 6, and got an award for the "most adaptable strategy," even though the strategy clearly does not adapt to the opponent.
    • Spring: 21F.110, 18.156, 18.821, 6.005, and went to McMullen's Advanced Complex Analysis at Harvard without registering and promptly fell asleep at each lecture

Contact, and whatever alumni e-mail I'm going to get soon.