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Hello. I'm Hide, an exchange student from the university of Tokyo in Japan. I can be staying here for only this semester, so I'm really glad that I can get along with you guys. I'm studying in corse 3. Recently I have started to go to Z-center, so let's go to the gym with me! In addition, I often played Dominion, boardgames with my friends, so I would like to play sometime.


・Dancing (I'm practicing K-POP dance now in Asian Dance Team.)

・Soccer (I was playing soccer when I was a junior and senior high school student, and now belong to the soccer team of corse 3 here.)

・Scuba diving (I love diving, and I have an advanced license. I was surprised to hear that MIT students can get licenses in PE class.)

・golf (I belonged to the golf team of the university of Tokyo. Actually I'm poor at playing golf...)

[Fall 2017]

・3.034 (Organic and Biomaterials Chemistry)

・3.053 (Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Biomechanics)

・3.14 (Physical Metallurgy)

・UROP (Optimization of multifunctional fibers and chips implantable into a brain)


I'm from Tokyo, so I write a little bit about Tokyo. I love Boston, but I love Tokyo, too. It has many downtowns in narrow areas, so you can hang out to your heart's content. I want to write down the downtowns I like in the following.



Near Shiba-Koen, there are Tokyo Tower, Zozyoji, which is one of the main temple in Japan, and my high school lol. Koen means park, so there are many parks even in the urban area.


  Sunset over Shinjuku.jpg

Shinjuku has a lot of skyscrapers and the Shinjuku station is the the station where the most people use in a day. The number is 3.5 million, so it's a world record.