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Ian M Askins
Room H305
Year 2013
Course Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Ian Askins used to be a physics major. He then discovered the dual requirements of Quantum and J-lab, and decided to get out while he still could, with a healthy respect for those who stayed in. The Elder Ian (so as to avoid confusion with Ian O.) may be generally found in H305, right next to the TV lounge. The wall between his room and the lounge has the interesting property that its permeability to sound changes, making the sets {when Ian can hear goings-on in the lounge} and {when Ian wants to hear goings-on in the lounge} converses.

Ian is floorpi's resident expert of the American Civil War, and will bore you with related details upon demand or elsewhen.

Ian will also *always* be a willing participant in any hall-wide games of Diplomacy, Civilization IV, or Bridge.