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Room H306
Year 2021
Course Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Congrats, you found a page.

Think you've met me before? Ixia Ixalan IXA

has feelings about

  • Everything
  • Nothing
  • fire
  • People spelling my name with an sh
  • dargons and bears and sneks and cats
  • conlangs (of the programming persuasion)
  • thinking emojis, apparently
  • FIRE
  • horror stories
  • not being a course 18
  • plushies
  • F I R E
  • video games, board games, any game really
  • Live Action Mafia
  • puns that are slightly below average quality
  • Kali & BJJ
  • webnovels (Read the Wandering Inn!)
  • Silksong not having a release date yet :((
  • Trails of Azure having too far of a release date
  • g a y
  • hair! color!

Hall Things

Fall 2017: FruitComm & HistoryComm

Spring 2018: BWComm :) HistoryComm, and MattressComm(?)

Fall 2018 & Spring 2019: Hall chair yikes who decided to put me in charge

Fall 2019: rUSh chair