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Jingyi Zhao
Room W301
Year 2018
Course Mathematics

Things I like

  • 8.022
  • Coding
  • Math Prize for Girls
  • My 6.01 Lab Partner
  • Piece by Piece
  • Real Analysis
  • Swiss
  • Switzerland

Things I don't like

  • Mitchell Lee
  • Sammy Luo
  • Max Murin
  • Thomas Needham
  • Steven Okada
  • Ever Rosales
  • DBR
  • Mark Sellke
  • Jame Tao
  • Victor Wang

Things I actually like

  • Adventure
  • Animals
  • Betrayal at house on the hill
  • Convenience stores
  • Cultures/Languages
  • Dream
  • Flowers
  • Free food
  • Friends
  • Geometry
  • iPod
  • Love
  • Math
  • Paris
  • Ping Pong
  • Public service
  • Putting things in alphabetical order
  • Reading
  • Rocks
  • Singing Troupe
  • Tibetan cows and pigs
  • Theatre
  • Wakesurfing

Random things happened

  • A lot of people gave me money to let me buy a swimming pool.
  • Alicia and I went to Maine during Thanksgiving. We slept in the snow. We made it back.
  • Alicia signed me up for Pirates of Penzance sing through. I was confused when I got emails about it. But now I have to admit that I am glad that Alicia did that. (I played Ruth)
  • Mitchell and I were trying to mount the TV on my wall, but instead we drilled a hole through Maddie's room. oops...
  • Random people put random posters all over my wall.
  • I poured butter milk into the waffle maker because Mark told me that it's better to make waffles with butter milk. (Don't listen to Mark)
  • I disagreed with Danielle on a math problem, and I was right.
  • I asked JoeG for a heater, and he gave me an AC. #JoeGProvides
  • I dreamed of getting a couch. Then Piece by Piece gave me three.
  • I made Stickman of the week (runner-up).
  • Mitchell and I were sitting at Puerto Rico Airport, and a kid came and told us he took our Splash class.
  • I jumped into the Charles and got a jar of mayonnaise.
  • Marjorie dropped our rental car key while we were on a roller coaster. Thankfully it got stuck in the seat in front of us.
  • I told SIG that Daniel is a weeb. They didn't know what a weeb is.


  • Fall 2014: 6.072, 7.012, 8.022, 18.701, 21F.222
  • Spring 2015: 5.111, 6.01, 18.100B, 18.312, 18.702, 21M.606
  • Fall 2015: 11.124, 12.001, 18.950, 21M.704
  • IAP 2016: 17.567
  • Spring 2016: 3.981, 8.04, 18.102, 18.901, 21G.506
  • Fall 2016: 9.20, 18.03, 18.905, 18.994, 21M.645
  • Spring 2017: Study Abroad
  • Fall 2017: 1.022, 6.837, 18.965, 21M.734, 24.900
  • Spring 2018: 3.094, 18.821, 22.02, JAPA 140b

Things I may do after graduation

  • Exploring nature(Playing with rocks and animals)
  • Going to a culinary school
  • Going to a kung fu school
  • Going to grad school
  • Openning a Chinese restaurant/Teahouse
  • Teaching
  • Volunteering
  • Working at theatre groups
  • Working for a company that gives me money

I have been working for a company that gave me money for a year, and that didn't go so well. Time to switch to other things.

Random commentary

Mark asked me to put random commentary, so I put random commentary on my page. But I don't like Mark, why would I listen to him?

Sometimes I think that life is like hanabi. You should think about what other people think you should think, and let them think of what you think.