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Hi guys!

My name is Kathryn (as you might have guessed by clicking on a page about Kathryn). I also go by Kathy-- feel free to call me either of these, or any other nickname you may have for me. I'm from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. I'm planning to major in 14.2 (mathematical economics), and possibly minor in public policy. I'm still exploring and am open to options, though, since I don't have to declare quite yet! Back in Colorado, I was part of an organization called Westernaires, where I rode horses in a high-speed, precision-mounted drill team, and drove chariots pulled by ponies. I'm also Catholic, so I'm hoping to get increasingly involved in the TCC here on campus. Some of my other interests include Owl City, Panic! At the Disco, crocheting, and piano (though I'm hoping to practice more this semester). This semester, I want to learn to cook, work out, and settle in to this new environment.