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Sho Uemura
Year 2010
Courses Physics, Mathematics

I will remain reachable at my MIT e-mail through the end of 2012. Other contact information is on the hall Google spreadsheet.

Hall reimbursements

Date out of SAO $ What
5/16/08 54.69 Switch (54.69, Newegg)
5/16/08 51.86 Party gadgets (51.86, Amazon)
6/2/08 42.89 N64 games, expansion pak (42.89, Amazon)
11/12/08 61.40 Katamari (14.99, Amazon), SNES adapters (35.91, Paypal), Wii Points (10.50, Nintendo)
11/19/08 61.40 phantom check
(11/21/08) 29.54 Illuminati (29.54, eBay)
12/2/08 502.95 Projector (468.00, eBay), projector mount (34.95, eBay)
1/15/09 68.43 Fluxx (11.25, Amazon, part of 26.83), projector cables (18.23, Amazon), speaker wire (38.95, Amazon, multiple orders 7.79 each)
3/2/09 129.96 Flours (129.96, Newegg)
4/24/09 68.00 N64 adapters, Okami, DVI cable (68.00, Amazon)
4/29/09 29.54 Reissue of 11/21/08
5/13/09 76.16 Subwoofer amp (76.16, Amazon)
59.08 RCA-3.5 adapters, speakers (59.08, Amazon)

XVM setup

  • Create VM (Etch autoinstall)
  • Wait for VM to shut down (complete installing)
  • Serial console in from Athena (ssh
  • On floorpi.xvm: /music mountpoint, fstab entry, crontab entry

Simpi setup

  • Install Debian Sarge (5.0) - partition LVM; set IP config
  • Install debathena-workstation using
  • These should have been copied from the previous incarnation of simpi:
    • Put keytab in /etc/krb5.keytab
    • Put SSH host keys in /etc/ssh
  • Add third-west to /etc/security/access.conf
  • Set up MPD
  • Set up darkice

MPD setup

  • aptitude install sshfs mpd ncmpc
  • ssh-keygen as root; add to authorized_keys on guest@floorpi.xvm
  • mkdir /mpd
  • /etc/fstab: " /mpd fuse ro,allow_other 0 0"
  • /etc/crontab: "0 * * * * root mount -a"
  • configure mpd

Darkice setup

  • do stuff

Wiki administration


These are pretty sparse instructions. Do ask me if you get stuck.


Make sure the version you're upgrading to has a compatible version of SSLAuth. If it doesn't, you can often use a different version of SSLAuth and tweak it to work, but that's a pain.

In the following, substitute the actual wiki directory for "wiki" (unless you're working on this wiki, in which case "wiki" is correct), and the version you want to upgrade to for 1.15.5.

From linerva, SSH to scripts:

ssh thirdwest@scripts

Back up files as follows:

tar -czf wiki_backup.tar.gz wiki/

Back up the database at (you'll need the database password), following instructions in

Download the new version of Mediawiki and unpack it:

tar -xvzf mediawiki-1.15.5.tar.gz -C wiki/ --strip-components=1

Continue to follow

Update SSLAuth, and any other extensions that don't work with the new version.

IMPORTANT: After upgrade, edits may fail with the error message "Sorry! We could not process your edit due to a loss of session data." The (really dumb and lazy) workaround for this is in the matchEditToken() function in includes/User.php.


MIT certificate-based login is handled by the SSLAuth extension. The thing to note here is that our LocalSettings.php is different from the stock SSLAuth LocalSettings.php - ours pulls your username out of your certificate information. If you update SSLAuth, don't blindly copy their LocalSettings.php. Most likely LocalSettings.php will not need to be modified at all.

SSLAuth section of our LocalSettings.php:

#Load SSLAuthPlugin

#Feel free to use extra PHP code to munge the variables if you'd like
#Additionally if you wish to only map some of the name data, set this to true
#and either blank ssl_RN and ssl_email or comment them out entirely.
$ssl_map_info = true;

#Ssssh.... quiet down errors
#$olderror = error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

#Map Real Name from certificate
#Can be DN but is it right?


#MW username is required to map to something
#You should beware of possible namespace collisions, it is best to chose
#something that will not violate MW's usual restrictions on characters

#Just using Firstname + Lastname (CN) from Certificate 'will' make collisions... but what to use?
#UN could be md5-hash of DN, but its ugly to use...


#Map e-mail to something close?
#if ($_SERVER['SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_Email'] != '')
#        $ssl_email = $_SERVER['SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_Email'];
#        $ssl_email = strtolower($firstname . '.' . $lastname . '');

$temp_UN = explode("@", $_SERVER['SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_Email']);
$ssl_UN = $temp_UN[0];

#Map e-mail to something close?
$ssl_email = $_SERVER['SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_Email'];

#Turn error reporting back on

#Activate SSL Plugin