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Room W302
Year 2020
Course Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hi, I'm Noah! I'm a 2020 who transferred to floorpi after my freshman year. I used to live on Maseeh 2 with Aashish and Sanath. I'm still on the meal plan because McCormick stir fry is not just a food, but a way of life.

I like to make various things, see my site and Github for some of the projects I've worked on! I also help organize HackMIT. I like music (metal and rap) and wasting time on Youtube when I don't feel like being productive.


Fall 2016: 7.012, 8.02, 18.03, 24.00

Spring 2017: 6.042, 6.004, 6.006, 9.00

Fall 2017: 3.091, 6.002, 6.828, 21M.011

Spring 2018: 6.858, 6.08 (student/LA), 6.012, 12.409, 24.118