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Nathan R. Pinsker
Room H301
Year 2015
Course Mathematics

Hey, I'm Nathan. I live right next to the Kitchen Lounge, and my door is usually open if I'm around.

About me

I like computers, and programming them! Come talk to me about algorithms, theoretical CS, or machine learning / AI related stuff any time.

I also like playing and creating video games. I love talking about game design, and what games do it well. I've taken Game Design and Creating Video Games (both were great!) and I'm also taking Advanced Game Studio.

My favorite game ever is Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but I also like lots of JRPGs. I also play a lot of League of Legends.

(Also, AI in games is super interesting! I got 3rd place in MIT's Battlecode competition with Damien, Vlad, and Josh in 2014, and I helped to develop 2015's game.)


Here's a game about Bowser I made in high school. Bowser is invincible, so you'd best just run away from him.

If you get all the achievements, I'll buy you an ice cream. I have bought two people on floor ice cream so far.

More games

If you're reading this page, you're probably bored. Here are some more games I made.

BeatBlock is a pumping rhythm-based platformer! (I tried hard to make the game accessible and understandable, for once -- hopefully it paid off?)

ElectroSwing is similar to BowserRun, but with upbeat music and more nifty stuff in it.

Sugar Rush was my group's final project for CMS.611, "Creating Video Games". It's a simple RPG with a lot of flavor!

Turtle Bridge is a port of a fun Game & Watch game that I made in a day.

Here is a quiz game I made in high school where you have to identify the Avatar: the Last Airbender episode from an image.